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  1. In game name: Persona Pronouns: Mayweather of rs Favorite RoatPkz activity: Hybridding Lil Noobs At Edgepvp
  2. whats ur discord id il ban you from stylis discord rn
  3. Shay and Kevin (axisangle) are my boys Lol Btw you've been playing our game for ur whole life Stop fanboying meh
  4. Looooooooool i planked you Yday for max
  5. Stfu :))))))))))))) Ya
  6. Hahahaha no1 care ;D
  7. You're a Global Admin, should know how to make a proper poll even if its unoficial. Its totally biased. Should re do the hole poll & make it impartial. After reading your description it induces to vote for what you want the people to vote. After this, considering you won't edit nothing, what for? To make it easier to clans control whole wilderness/donator cave?? Im fine how it is. Let the independent people who won't join a pking clan have any defence against people piling them.
  8. Only liked talking to like 6 people in there the rest are dumb nigger arabs spawns of coon hell
  9. K just spoke to the mods and shit they said ur unban now
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