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  1. add Persona#2538 il think about it
  2. Stop using these songs U R from kuwait
  3. Leaving a reply felt bad
  4. Administrator(s)Legend - Playtime: NaN best mod all time always nice never toix also richest in game angel cape collecting camel riding abyssal whip rocking
  5. GIED4LIFE has been demoted from Moderator to Regular player.
  6. In game name: Persona Pronouns: Mayweather of rs Favorite RoatPkz activity: Hybridding Lil Noobs At Edgepvp
  7. whats ur discord id il ban you from stylis discord rn
  8. Shay and Kevin (axisangle) are my boys Lol Btw you've been playing our game for ur whole life Stop fanboying meh
  9. Looooooooool i planked you Yday for max
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