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  1. i already love this clan - see u in wildy bby
  2. wasnt scared, my bank was around 10k, so that wouldnt be a max fight:)) but as i know u dont know hm max cost, since u dont have it.
  3. l000l, u wasnt even close:))
  4. Persona dont pretend to be Mikep, when he is a lot better than u
  5. gl closing it when im in it xoxo only @HICK0RY can do it <3
  6. @Alt Perhaps he also got some killpics on you? idk, but does it matter in the end? Im not saying anything about the killpics, you prove that you killed him and have to make a post about. #liq
  7. Same as dfs protects over arcane Not worth it to pk with dfs then, when its only 4k and arcane is 18k+
  8. added - my rsn is same as here yoyo g's, weekly update i have gained 5 total levels 1 in att 1 in ranged 1 in magic 1 in hp 1 in slayer and i reached 99 cb
  9. i will brother but im not from pakistan :((
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