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  1. First time ever being nominated for an award ty men
  2. Finnesed


  3. Niggas are riding around on mopeds acting like they gang bang
  4. Man used 8 brews vs 3 just shows he got the work
  5. Lool jblind always chatting shit but the nigga called me out and got dropped point blank simple as that 1-0
  6. Man used all those brews vs the 3 I brought looool
  7. Man didn't even protect item https://gyazo.com/abdcd937f1b2c42aaa47a4267bd6bf8f
  8. Meh let em have this one man I died on roatz crying irl
  9. Funny how you so mad I cleaned your brother and won't stake you. Pm to risk fight anytime tho you're free loot if you pked
  10. Always my fans whole paragraphs no killpic Still waitin on u to post video of that fight http://prntscr.com/gdrau8
  11. Finnesed

    It was fun.

    Keep in touch on discord and good luck at basic
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