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  1. Most Arab: Smokey Funniest Player: Hatcx Biggest Suicider: Why GG Biggest Freak: Smackd Biggest Duel Rat: Albert Most Brain damaged: Repent Best Nser: Rabbit Best Dher: Osku Best Tribrid: Keytracker Best Hybrid: Keytracker Best Pure Nher: Keytracker The Best Staff member: Jblind Smartest Player: Keytracker obviously Gretar is best Write down who you think player of the year was and why! KEYTRACKER, he is very kind and very strong
  2. Free my friend hatcx please or im gonna start dropping some fools I suck jblind grandma tits #hatcxdidnotddositwaskeytracker
  3. Sahar hyleland = Gretar hack man tele??!!
  4. My nigga dis some gang shit ayy dont mess wit da playa hataz rraaahh skrrt
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