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  1. Awww fuck... Good luck man.
  2. Hello, Is there any we could change the Rule #5: Rule #5: Hacking & Account/Password/Item ScammingPlayers of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to hack other or deceive players in any way. This includes things such as knowingly lying about an items' price (check ::prices) or use through trading, staking, or risk fighting, gaining access and/or tampering with another player account(s) without consent, etc. So it doesn't mislead people, since a lot of the staff state that Scamming is legal, even though this part: ''Players of the RoatPkz community are not allowed to hack other or deceive players in any way.'' States that any deceiving of a player is not allowed. Thanks, Tinasjus
  3. Castial, thanks man, I`ll edit as soon as I can, that`s tomorrow probably
  4. Hey guys, This is a guide with links to useful guides besides the Pinned guides. CTRL+F So you get to guides you need faster Note: Some of these might be outdated Contains these guides: 1. PvMing guide 2. Pkp Making Guide 3. Jad Hunting Guide 4. Donation FAQ 5. The Beginner Guide 6. Max Hit Guide 7. Risk Fighting Guide 8. Pure NH'ing Guide 9. Appealing A Ban Guides 10. Commands Guide 11. Interface Functions And Info And these links: 12. Droptable 13. Vote 14. Donate 15. Account Recovery 16. Leaderboard 17. Rules 18. Appeal Format [Because so many of you can't follow that shit] 19. Hiscores 1. PvMing guide 2. Pkp Making Guide 3. Jad Hunting Guide 4. Donation FAQ 5. The Beginner Guide 6. Max Hit Guide 7. Risk Fighting Guide 8. Pure NH'ing Guide 9. Appealing A Ban Guides 10. Commands Guide Some of them might be outdated 11. Interface Functions And Info 12. Droptable http://roatpkz.wikia.com/wiki/Drop_Table 13. Vote http://roatpkz.com/vote/ 14. Donate http://roatpkz.com/donate/ 15. Account Recovery http://www.roatpkz.com/accounts/ 16. Leaderboard https://forum.roatpkz.com/index.php?/topmembers/ 17. Rules http://www.roatpkz.com/accounts/ 18. Appeal Format 19. Hiscores http://roatpkz.com/hiscore/ Alright that's all I believe. If I missed any useful guides contact me. Note: This is only a verry basic version of a guide, I'll make it more convenient and easier later tomorrow. See you All, Tinasjus
  5. Hey guy, Another guide, this time about helpful in-game functions you might've missed 1. Zoom in and out This is helpful when spectating tournaments and other fights, etc. You can find many ways of using this. Zoomed out Normal The other functions I marked include a shortcut to the donation page, enable 10x hits and client data. 2. The settings functions -Removes or adds the Hitsplats -Changes the interface to OSRS Some functions are accesed in another way such as: Roat Tab and Pm Color. In Roat tab place we have the Pre-Made kits 3. Stat tab functions/helpful info Includes information such as Kill Count Death Count KDR Various points Max hits Server time [When you press it you get a pop-up that states your total playtime and current session] Yell chat [When pressed changes your yell chant between: Normal/FFA/Both/Off] Custom kits [Can be used for more efficient PvMing and PKing]. Item switch mode [changes your switch mode between OSRS switch mode and Roat switch mode] 4. Pre-Made kit tab Besides the Pre-Made kits, there also are also shortcuts to: Vote shortcut Forum shortcut Donate shortcut 5. Roat tab Request Server Help Helps you contact staff members Recover an account Redirects you to the Recovery page I believe that's all If I left anything out, contact me See you, Tinasjus
  6. Hey guys, So I have the suggestion of addidng another option in settings. Something similar to this Now the purpose of this option would be to bring up an interface where you can change your keybinds, something similar to this Or anything of the sort, so we could change our keybinds I believe it would be real cool to have this That is if it's not too hard to add it.
  7. Boredom does what it does man. Thanks for the nice words.
  8. Hey guys, Since I'm in desperate need of doing something, here's a guide on how to make pkp. I'll give you 5 basic methods: 1. PvMing I'd suggest non-donators to kill the chaos elemental, since it has better chances of droping rare items from the pkp store. For donators the donator teleport/::dzone would be one of the best ways. Since it's IN a safe area and you can camp there 24/7. Here's a guide to npcing 2. Pking One of the best ways to make pkp, that is if you're good at pk. I break it down into 4 basic pking pkp making methods 1. ::home pking You get 4-8 pk [x2 in weekends], also you have a chance of smiting your opponent. I usually bring untradeable based gear, so I don't have to risk any pkp You can choose better spec weapons or get more risk if you're not going to skulls, and if you're confident that you wont get smited Also you can get karambwans and Super combat potions if you want 2. ::home dharok's pking Just a basic dharok's fight where you risk your sets. You get around 130pkp if you win the fight, since you have to fix the set for 20pkp [Dharok's set is 150 street price] Now a useful command here is ::skull, it grants you a skull. 3. Dharoks 1k-5k risk pking You get to the risk area by ::risk Here you can't protect items and you get skulled upon entering a pk zone There you'll see 2 main portals: 1k risk portal and 5k portal. 1k portal: The gear will be the same/similar to ::home dharok's pking, I suggest using a vls, since it's better than claws in these fights. 5k portal: [Ty Jblind] Now this is one of the best if not the best setups you can use, but you'll be risking a little over 5k You can go with just ags, but that lowers your chances of getting kills. Here's a more in-depth guide to risk fighting 3. Staking To get to duel arena we use the command ::duel. Here you can stake your items for usually 2x profit, but note that you also have the same chance of losing Main ways of staking are Whipping or Ddsing. A great tip is not to rage stake, if you're losing just go do something else [Got cleaned quite a few times myself] This is somewhat of a guide to staking. 4. Lottery So ls a luck based game where your chances are based on how much pkp you deposit. It can be accesed by the lottery master at ::home Here's a quick explanation of what the lottery is 5. Others Donating Ofcourse the number 1 pkp making method [if you have cash that is] is donating. Here's a link to the donating page http://www.roatpkz.com/donate/ Voting You can choose rewards from voting, either a mystery box or 100pkp. Besides that you also get vote points which you can exchange in the voting store at ::home That's all, Pm me if I missed anything. Have fun making pkp.
  9. Seriously, is nice.
  10. Alright, thanks. Will get to it as soon as I can.
  11. Ahh I fucken love the end. Imagine yourself in duel arena.
  12. Ty. Added it, but as far as I can see it redirects to the same page :/.
  13. Hey guys, As you might've guessed this is a guide for Roat pkz npc's. I dedicate it to people that suck at pk/staking. Or just hate their hit rng. You can find most of the drops by typing ::drops/::droptable in-game 1. Donator Teleport Can be accessed by donators. Donator tickets are $9.95 or 5-8k pkp. [cheap] So this area includes: 1.Roat Pkz Saint [Pray mage] 2.Roat Pkz Archer [Pray range] 3.Roat Pkz Knight [Pray melee] All of them don't hit through prayer. So you can bring only pots for prayer. A lot of people prefer killing them with low hp dharock's, but any melee gear is fine. 2. Roat Pkz Champion [::champ] [Pray melee] Basically the same as the previous, this one is for non-donator's though. As it is in 23 wilderness, you might be attacked by cancerous fuc... Farcasters aka ''Number 1 Brids'' Also you will be flamed at as they'll say ''Man you can't even brid''- Whaaaa? It drops the same items as The previous one's. Don't brig a lot of valuable gear and you'll be fine, don't forget food this time. 3. Chaos elemental [Pray mage] Can be accesed quickly by the lever in ::home From there you just go to east [you'll have to cut through a spider web]. Now chaos elemental has 3 attacks 1.Hits you 2.Teleports you 3.Takes off your equipment Equipment: I usually spawn the tank gear and modify it. Gear Inventory When you finish your brews don't drop then, and don't have free inventory space, this way chaos elemental wont take off your equipment. Now you can take more valuable items if you're not going to skull. The saradomin d'hides are to deal with farcasters, also don't forget your dds as it helps getting faster kills. 4. Bearded Gorillas [::gorillas] [Pray melee] Melee gear is suggested, I'd use the previous as before, but with less food, since this is also wilderness and you can get attacked. They drop items from pkp store + Zenyte jewellery. [Thank you Suor] 5. Barrows [Prayer varies] You can get there by teleporting to ::44s and running north Most of you know what to pray against barrows but again: Karils Brother- Range Ahrims Brother- Magic Dharock's/Torag's/Guthan's Brothers- Melee Verrack hits through prayer. I'd suggest only killing Dharock's and Ahrim's Brothers for best profit. So since this is 44 wilderness bringing food is useful, not too much since the escape teleport is close by and ofcourse any kind of pots for prayer. Have a 1/15 chance to drop barrows items. 6.Mage Arena [Pray Mage] You get there by teleporting to ::mb and teleporting with the lever, then you'll have to go to another lever, from there just run to npc's [Run to the other lever, marked on the map] [Click on the lever, then just run to the npc's] Mage bank is an area where you can Semi-Afk, since the monsters agro, so you just need to set your spell [barrage or anything else] and also set up Auto-Retaliate [on] Also you can ONLY hit with Mage there! Your inventory should look similar to this, take a lot of barage runes, so you don't run out [you can easily afk/camp there], food is just in-case you plan to afk for long, you can take magic potions. I chose a basic setup, trying not to risk anything just in-case, for quick points bring strong mage setups. Rewards: You get reward points every time you kill a mage [1 each kill]. You can get exchange these points in the shop at ::mb, you just have to talk to Kolodion 7. King Black Dragon You get there by teleporting to ::44s Now for this you have to buy an anti-dragon shield from the melee shop at home or spawn it with the command ::item 1540 KBD has a chance of dropping a dragonfire shield and karambwans. Remember the actual KBD zone is not a pk area. Any gear should work as long as you have an anti-dragon shield 8.Jad Wont talk much about this one since there's already a guide about this. 9.Quick tips 1. Always bring a spec weapon for faster kills. Preferably a dds. 2. After getting some drops the whole server get's a message that someone got something, so get out quickly or log off. 3. Get friends that'll help you deal with farcasters. Alright that's all, hope it helped, now go grind some monsters. Beware of farcasters. Ps. If i left anything out pm me.
  14. 34 34 dds, man I don't even get those numbers on npc's...
  15. Even the cancer topic get's cancerous lol, that's what I meant :D...
  16. Thank you all for the positive shit btw :).
  17. Some say that if you keep growing your cancer it's possible to survive, how big is the tumor tho?
  18. Forms Of Cancer And How To Develop Them Hey, so as most of you know, roat pkz is a verry cancerous and toxic place. Also one of the best ways to get cancer. So here are a few quick ways to die suffering and fuck your life up with rage: 1. Duel arena: Usually is 4th form cancer This one's for hardcore cancer fans, believe me that place is the worst there is, at times it seems 100% rigged. Now most of you may think that it's 50/50 chance to win or lose, You're wrong it's always 10/90, and if you win then you're a liar, hacker and a scammer. 2. Pking, mostly ::risk area I'd rate it from 3-1 form cancer. Most of the cancer comes from ::risk pking, where your hits will fail you when you need them no matter what, it's also where you'll have no rng, don't worry your opponents are on steroids. 3. Lottery aka ''The mother of all cancer'' Now this just radiates cancer, mostly you avoid the cancer by suicide tho. It's a known myth that this is rigged. Some say that you have to suck some dude's dick to win this. I believe this one doesn't need many tips, just this one: Stay away 4. Everything else, from the community, the farcasters, the monsters. Basically everything This one kills you real slow, you can cure this one, although you will never be the same. If you spend too much time in this stage YOU WILL BECOME LIKE THEM. The solution: There is none. Let's all get cancer together! Ps. this was all pointless, ty for wasting your time.
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