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  1. VERY refreshing to see, it's brought me back into the swing of things after months of inactivity.
  2. I occasionally hop on every year or so, but I have to say Roatpkz is at the highest potential I have seen EVER. Well done @Gretar you have come the farthest I have ever seen an owner come in the RSPS scene, truly a work of art. Glad to see the forums updated, server flourishing, and tons of updates to make up for it. Not to mention the toxic playerbase has tremendously went down. The only sad thing I have to say is I have yet to see Andrew anywhere, last I saw he had 25k kills! Good times.
  3. Have fun and stay safe!
  4. Just managed to find the mouse in settings tab.. we have shift-drop and scroll wheel I didn't even know! lol Thanks
  5. Here is a short list of things I would like to see implemented. Shift-clicking: Please create a toggle option to "shift" click items into your bank, trade, inventory, etc. interface. This allows us to not right-click and becomes very convenient for pking, drop parties, banking items, etc. Scroll Wheel Zoom in/out: I think this is a very much needed update. I find it annoying having to revert to the tool tab to zoom in/out of a fight, etc. Please add the option to either zoom with your scroll wheel or "ctrl+scroll wheel". Custom Yell Tag Ticket: The ticket itself is untradable. Please allow it to become tradable and have infinite uses allowing you to edit your title at any time. Atm you need to contact @Gretar to have him add it manually to your account.. that's inconvenient for him and us, IMO. Tentacle: Please add tentacle for either 3k or 4k inside the pkp shop, the tentacle should degrade after 10k hits like normal and be auto-keep. Thanks for reading, hope at least 1 or 2 of these suggestions are added!
  6. Selling Custom Yell Tag 300K @Gretar will need to manually add this item to your account once you pay me for it, it's untradable. Pm me in-game Username: 30
  7. Good to see you Andrew, hope you are doing great! Always a pleasure.
  8. I just wanted to thank these two gentleman for being swift on the recovery of my forum's account. If this were 2015 RoatPkz this process would have taken a week+.. they managed to fix my issue in minutes. Thanks again, looking forward to coming back as soon as I get some free time!
  9. I have used the name "30" for years.. never had an alt, never cared to jump into the Rtpk drama neither lol. Most likely why you never saw my on the old forums/in-game much..
  10. I like your style, keep developing more into this and I'm sure you'll have orders pouring in. Thanks for stepping into the Graphic's Realm, I would hope more players partake in this stuff!
  11. Take care and safe travels! Wake Me Up When September Ends
  12. Always good to see Gretar doing what he does best, great updates!
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