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  1. Do best of 3 against me no arm? Pls = D and btw one of the best vids u have done yet ty and keep it up
  2. Damn my max set! enjoy bro and nice vid rlly crazy = D do moreeeeeee
  3. Was nice and fun to watch do more please ohh ye forgot to say sit mikep.
  4. The rng holy shit nice vid too = D Didn't I gave you something when i wanted to quit? Claws or something :*
  5. This rng nice bro was fun to see wierd that i dont see u alot kn-game
  6. Nice vid, rlly fun to watch ty
  7. hi! i decided to back play brother! but there is a big problem. this acc got glitched and no1 can back it so i will start play the acc "uok ked" bye
  8. Wassup sneak? I miss you I won't play roatpkz again but wanted to say ty for all the great times you was with me. BTW can you tell ty 4 u he'll that I quited and I'm a very good friend of him please? :(((
  9. I see u have something bad with 10 years old but you got something bad with 13 years old? hehe you better answer
  10. Username: d_squared__2Recruiter:thorruTotal Kills:2938Playtime:20 daysTell us a bit about yourself:I know alot about roatpkz. I'm never scamming I'm friendly loyal and I like to play roatpkz. What are your reasons for wanting to join and how will you contribute the clan?:I can really help the clan and in active to wars and jad, I'm friendly and Im loyal.
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