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  1. Again changing subjects, l2argue.
  2. Ikr, he is so retarded that he talks about me in his bday threat lol. Such a rat he doesnt even tagg me and talks bs about me.
  3. ^ lit You clearly did, give an answer instead of trying to pipe up, fucking rat.
  4. So funny to see you changing the subject LMFAO. Stop trying to pipe up now because you’ll end up banning me from the forums AGAIN. Looooool fucking rat.
  5. Lmfao, look how you try to show up as if your right. The reason I spam ring you is because you always end up having to ignore me or act as if youve had enough. Typical the behaviour of a rat.
  6. Gretar litteraly said: “I’ll remove a few hundred K from your account just to be sure you won’t rwt” and since ive made 1/3 of your bank in just 2 hours I dont care about a few hundred K. (Which you are willing to wipe your ass for) rat.
  7. Such a rat. At least tagg me when you talk about me you rat. How do you know that I dont work? I dont even play that much. Made 1/3 of your bank in 2 hours, while you gave your ass away for it. Kid becomes a mod an thinks he has made it in his life lmfaoo. @JBLIND @Tesfxye
  8. Best bridder ive ever seen always imprroving yourself G keep it up!!
  9. Kid got some pkp looooool calm down just 300k
  10. Rt @JBLIND , you even poked lmfao.
  11. Best hybrid of roatpkz. Respect
  12. Thanks brother Thank you alot dude, pm me ingame when Im online Ill hook u up if u need Once I get to know how to
  13. All the videos you guys have seen are edited by someone else. The editor of my vids decided to stop editing. I probably won't upload more videos untill i get to know how to edit them..... enjoy it
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