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  1. ur vids are literally unwatchable lmfao fat boy stop beggin 4 clout u lost every fight n got redbarred 99% of them rlly smokeyyyyyy
  2. i killed u for u and ur niggas bank combined we still eatin good from that likkle man this guy still doesnt know what tank is clownnnn smh
  3. LOOOOOL lord knows he grabbed the pokey and started contemplating it all over againn FACTSSS hop off forums n get 2 grindin boy go give pos ancestral back
  4. The only file u got is ur medical history of attempted suicides over a game shut up and go cut ur wrists pussy lmfao b4 i drop what u look like and u start crying again ugly pinocchio lookin guy smh
  5. that was the weakest shit ive ever seen LMFAO bitch stop replyin 2 me u died to a 57 for 100k ur a clown
  6. How is this guy replyin with a 121 claw gmaul on tank thinkin it justifies his death :\\\\\\\\ u died to a 57 for 100k LOLOLOLOL UR A MEME NIGGAAA TY FOR UR SHIT
  7. Lmfaooo catch gang ingame walkin around in ur shit big nose dont cut ur wrists again ur garbage btw
  8. LMFAO why u posting random gifs thts not even a redbar focus on the topic bitch ur mans been dying to spawn kits for max
  9. https://gyazo.com/4f9a702299a35a8f5f9559856cd4ac79 cant take dem man serious
  10. Gj s/o @Ban152 and @seers10 holding it down =]
  11. dumb spaghetti noodle head white boy shut the fuck up lmfao go drown ur head in meatballs not gonna read ur paragraphs bitch
  12. LOOOOOOOOOL woww thats embarrassing @ all the emotional bitches gettin hurt over this topic shut up faggots u just wanna be on the winning team lmfao
  13. best vid by far better see this 1 win
  14. LOLOLOLOLOL https://gyazo.com/047bde52b07b8707f4e60d9d3e080463 dumb emo ur shit and slow with 0 knowledge or skill about hybridding/pking stop makin these topics
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