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  1. verbalists on ropes nuttin unusual
  2. Demote alkosor & legend (smackd or jblind can handle emails lol), promote ragbot should be all good after that
  3. clown lmfao get ur facts str8 before u jump on threads lookin stupid hes from another shit team
  4. LOOOL imagine being so fucking useless and of no value that u have no idea what goes on in ur own team..... oh goddd done replying to this nerd but ask ur leaders whose desperate @seers10 @Khalil
  5. Loool no1 takes him serious i used to tell that bitch boy to go rag some1 for 12 hrs and he would do it smh niggas love clout shut up faggot ur tbing for a team thats taking Ls on top of Ls lmfao cant take u serious slow guy fuck outta here fan
  6. imagine raising a faggot for 10 years for him to jump on a rsps forum makin dog noises @Po put 100k down n make sure ur on tonight pussy ima put u in ur place again cuz
  7. snm @Smackd will mm this, tomorrow 9pm gmt?
  8. ye lets do that bitch boy hmu for a time n place
  9. hmu when ur gonna send the files...
  10. Team members: Why Gg & Oso 2real Team name: Spartans
  11. Best promotion yet s/o my guys @Khalil @JBLIND
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