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  1. 50-40 D bow, use camtasia 2 record btw
  2. Why Gg


    Best of luck fam
  3. This is what happens 2 attention seeking niggas lmfao dead team on god
  4. dont talk like that ur not a serious team just a bunch of belgian braindead dumb fucks pking in mystics together check the score nigga its probably like 75-6 lmfao facts
  5. ill be involved but funding it aint my job get staff/gretar
  6. Explain who you are lmfao little forum nerd get off this topic ur irrelevant dumb fuck u just sit on here typing all day log in if u wanna get fucked up cuz same goes to any bitch on this thread make sure u dont lack ingame gazelles da packs comin for u
  7. smh I told my niggas 2 low u as in off u and 1-2 said fuck it tb him what is this dumb video lmfao u shoulda stayed in rag gear and it wuda been avoided n btw it was literally arun n sophia on u so leave da drama if i wanted to fall in on u, u woulda been dead pointless vid/topic
  8. http://prntscr.com/g9cccf LOOOOOOOOOOL
  9. Keep in mind none of these niggas have pked AT ALL since the re-tb glitch has been patched. Caught this pussy lacking @gorillas started recorder 2 late dumb fuck missed every single pray switch LMFAO This is what actually happens when you come fight, dumb ely tanker taking off legs towards the end lmfao dont panic never gonna see this irrelevant team in a max set again facts
  10. UPDATED (these are all kills when they've risked pkp left out the other 500 we got on spawnables)
  11. are u dumb lmfao? dont act like u was there 2 witness it cos u dont play the game u nerdy fuck
  12. THIS WAS THE SHITTEST CLAN TOPIC IVE EVER SEEN LMFAOOOOOOOOOO Imagine having 2 make a video with 1 year of kills and 4 being the re-tb glitch and the vids only 5 mins, all i see is turtle slow ass switches bitch lmfao fuck u doing? ur not in competition with us dead ass garbage clan lmfao hmu for a run in or at least come fight us dumb pussy stick 2 [email protected] ur afraid
  13. This guy really uploaded a clip of me in a session u got 12-1'd.. come on fam step ur game up
  14. Ayyy yo youll always be beneath every1 shit guy big up
  15. Just a reminder of who ur talking to... anyway fuck u talking about lmfao ur mentioning g unit cos ur on the same level as them shit ass niggas we get 5+ kills on them daily, they have none but u wouldnt know what happens cos u dont pk at all stop pretending like u do ur my daughter i agree u prob did pk 2-3 hours today most likely at 8-9am fix up ur afraid to pk
  16. Ahhh I closed your team though anyway none of u niggas pk regardless thats prob a 6am clip on some random lmfao stop hiding
  17. ?? Wheres the spartan kill lmfao attention seeking niggas fix up
  18. Watch in HD & make sure ur subbed
  19. Dont ever quote/comment on a clan discussion thread you dumb fuck lmfao stick to forums
  20. why u quoting urself u dumb foreign fuck LMFAO my guy is talkin 2himself u weird bitch keep hiding on 10 mystic accounts pussy
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