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  1. why u talking about speed u dumb fuck lmfao ur shit ur not a hybrid ur a staker stop pretending 2 be someone ur not watch the vid and take notes my son
  2. ?? Are u gonna deny its u again and make a new forum acc with a new personality dumb fuck lmfao run 2 jblind he isnt gonna help u dumb pussy
  3. talkin bout speed... lets recall what happened last time u used capital letters talkin shit on forums my daughter dont @ me again dumb fuck lmfao fix up ur irrelevant u always will be turtle ass nigga
  4. dont stunt on forums if ur really about it which u aint like i said hmu and we'll set a date n time pussy lmfao 3 of my niggas could take ur entire team fuck u talking about weak bitch
  5. speak up lil nigga had u on ropes lmfao punching bag ul always be my bitch btw no1 gives a fuck about ur suggestions ur irrelevant
  6. Shut up bitch ur team is a joke If you wanna be recognised and taken seriously hmu for a run in dont be afraid lil nigga
  7. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL that sounds funny as fuck coming from someone in g unit clown irrelevant team with 0 HYBRIDS lmfao fuck outta here u wanna be like us 2much
  8. Expected a vid, dumbest topic i've ever seen lmfao braindead rookie posts a thread with kill pics and ur not even in a team... pointless and no1 cares Using "Spartans" in the title won't make you relevant you killed some1 who dced in wild (9 secs full food) throwback to a nigga tryna pk on his friends acc losing 700 ks and possibly the worst tanking ive ever seen
  9. "the whole forums" nah b its every1 thats friends with the niggas that got stepped on lmfao
  10. are u dumb lmfao no in the team sounds like that and btw go back in ur cave u know nothing
  11. I know ur shaking as ur typing this niggas were afraid 2 speak to me now theyre commenting on here
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