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  1. Bearhead doesn't have any Str bonus on here LOL.
  2. Why do you have a bearhead switch?
  3. Probably your ass DDoS'ing him...
  4. What was that Kevin?
  5. don't lie u borrowed that from me fam
  6. They should add a login screen before you log in, and show the last IP that you logged in with, it'll help prevent hacking or at least make it easier to catch the criminal
  7. LMAO!!! Pedro can't get one so he's trying to buy one for cheap prices. Boy no one will sell you it with your broke ass fam.
  8. Do you have any proof whatsoever?
  9. Stupid requirements IMO as there aren't many players that still play or use the forums today that are from those years. I think 2 years of being a member and being active on the forums should be enough. But hey that's just my opinion.
  10. Great updates, keep it up!
  11. An hour sounds good.
  12. Your replies are all stupid, how old are you i'm curious. + I'm working on my 07 account, only lvl 109 atm. 83/99/75. I cba getting maxed, but when I do stay out wild boiii.
  13. Mans been playing the server for 2 months and thinks he's the shit. Sit down you random.
  14. Yes, because you can't kill him without tagging on him and banking twice right? Retard. Whose talking to you? You come out of nowhere sucking everyone off on this topic, be quiet you slave.
  15. Personally I wouldn't halve the price for 100 overloads, but maybe instead of 500 PKP for it, I'd reduce it to 400 maybe? Not a bad idea if your buying in bulk. Bulk should be 250+ or something though.
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