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  1. Im never raiding already know it will be 1:100k chance of a t bow
  2. Lol the achievements are wank Put 5m in lottery (helps eco) Get 2.5k achievement reward. Lmao?
  3. 1 slap


    Why is the Christmas event still running? lol
  4. 1 slap


    Ayye good luck but roat is dead PvM server now
  5. Babderkun is a great support answers all my questions asked for hook once gave me a tome of fire such a humble dude
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    Welcome to the internet mate
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    Why a crown and no chefhat
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    With a limited bet of something low or to much PKT would flood in. But this is a good idea sir.
  9. Gl lol The sheer laziness to not give out veteran rank tells me that they dont give a shit about the playerbase.
  10. I mean idk how this would work youtubers do this now and then mate just jump in on that
  11. I don't play this game mate, I'm only active on the forum. The game itself is incredibly boring. And unhealthy. Make pkt Get bored Gamble pkt Lose pkt Rince and repeat.
  12. Arab A7e Ks amk Whale
  13. Slayer could do with an update the staff and bow is dead content honesty.
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