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  1. 1 slap

    I feel like it's time

    One day @Xex @Eminem
  2. Hahahahaha my g I said i wasn’t proud of it!! Hhhhhh
  3. 1 slap

    Clue Scroll Guide

    Simply in game use this code ::getid ‘skill cape desired’
  4. Oi sick update @Gretar I wanna see some crazy ass kc and your loot down below lads, here’s one of mine I’m not proud of
  5. @Fruitiest @Xex @Killbob @Fantastic a server support who is unable to answer questions correctly? @Gied4life sort him out
  6. You chat shit all over the forum idk why ur even on the forum nobody ever agrees with you you or even takes you seriously cool keep hooking ur Arab mates an ags that’s nice. No he won’t dumb ass don’t cry cause ur application got denied done here cya in ur next rant topic dumb ass
  7. He isn’t actually a staff member yet. He’s only a server support purely there to answer questions example; ‘yo where can I repair Barrows?’ therefore I give him the trash talk pass. 1. because your a cunt. 2. Because he’s a player just like you if you can talk shit so can he. though @Supremium will be a moderator soon because he is the best support Roat has seen, not sucking ass but he puts in work.
  8. Make only one Account logged in at a time be able to enter the donator zone any staff member can go peek the d zone right now and see 5 alt accounts standing in regular donator zone scouting. It’s cancerous ruins the whole point of it even being a dangerous area by the time you make it to legend zone to feast on some poor innocent noob they’ve already got a log out because their donator alt watched me run up their not good at all IMO this needs to happen. ASAP.
  9. Can we get monster high scores to?
  10. I don’t own any customs? Kinda fucking cringe how you’re still dick riding an ex admin
  11. Na I like rarity of certain customs I don’t want them available to just buy out like that. The store is fine IMO.
  12. I respect top switchers nice video dude.
  13. Yeah lmao I’m down
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