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  1. Johns duties seem to consist of banning Villi members and anyone who thinks he's useless. Best of luck though.
  2. Vid just makes the client look like the current one with new broken data and got fucked by multiple protocols. Or am i missing something.
  3. it me tamer,, chanc eme 20k? or phat
  4. Villi Jase

    (Yoobs rant) Long

    Not funny and didn't ask. Obsessed weirdo.
  5. Lets see how long this one stays. Best of luck, looks good so far.
  6. Yeah but it's obvious that even like 1 person was online you wouldn't of got the kill. Never said you could, maybe play a server thats active? You quoted what i pointed out, what do you mean what am i trying to point out, everything i said was clear and you replied to it so obv you know what i'm pointing out, don't play yourself G.
  7. Not even flame just pointing something out. First clip is Ollie tanking all of you until level 1 alone, that says more about his good tanking than your clan (imo) Rest of the clips just look like they're edge pkers that got lost in multi EDIT: except jblind but that doesn't really count. Do a team vid innit with decent editing
  8. You smell of onion but nice vid
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