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  1. lol PKP as a currency we all see how it is on roat pkz it doesn't go anywhere since the amount of people who donate is high and the value for items is so low everything is hoarded since no one risks and nothing gained unless the staking addicts have the items they get cleaned rinse and repeat. in other words just give gretar your credit card details.
  2. Was looking at that thread about combat and it was from August 8, 2015 @gretar Switching, pathing, magic & defence? Its now 5th April 2017 and all this guy has done is add rainbow party hat
  3. Tribrids in mystics or max should be susceptible to being ragged regardless same goes for rushers. Only Exceptions who should not be ragged are Hybrids Pure Nhers Edge Pkers Mains & Pure's This Tribrid garbage needs to stop it's just ragging but I understand its hard for you guys to believe since that's the only way you try to pk I really do wonder why though must be the shitty combat system allow this nonsense to happen.
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