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  1. Jheeez that last kill, clan beef tings sick videos fham
  2. Don't get it twisted, in chat box man like gudi flames u and John
  3. Lmao man said Ely is fine the way it is wtf,
  4. No fucking shit, u dumb paki, ofc when it finishes it will be out
  5. Stfu u pussy nigga I call u out to wild u act afk at duel, u suicider
  6. Lmao u have a habit of calling out a lot of ppl, but u still get slapped, nize ur fucking mouth u pussy before u catch L's, on god not only does John hate u, real nigga shit I can post 30 names of ppl who dislike u so fix up pussy
  7. Wasteman get a job,
  8. poza style

    rich kids things

  9. Lmao ull be on in like 2 days #facts
  10. Wtf lmao ur not even in this clan beef
  11. poza style


    Bruh last I remember the release date that was announced was like 2 months ago naw? It's been a really long time, by salad giving false release date u wouldn't expect ppl to be happy and jus go along wit it, bare manz are excited for this new client but at the same time if he wants to release it and there's loads of glitches and shit, the excitement ppl had will jus go to a waste and bare ppl finna quit #facts
  12. Was hoping to see some spartan or kooooolkast kills, other then that sick vid
  13. Lowkey, this lowlife wanted attention, so they made some gay ass post, nigga u didn't show shit, u probably jus ran from lvl 20 to safe and acted like it was a bug rofllll weird guy stfu
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