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  1. support this all the way. The amount of people trying to scam votes or bhp stuff is too high, and somehow people keep falling for it.
  2. Yeah, gretar probably has all these things in mind and wants to do all of them, but I think it’s a developer problem more than anything. I think it’s just him doing all the coding? Unless salad is still working with him but I’m not sure
  3. agree with all of this, and there’s so many more broken costume items. Also there’s tons of shit which is unspawnable and the reason for it is Gretar plans to do something with it in the future, maybe put it in some sort of shop (atleast that’s what I think). also, pets are in the game, you can even search them, pleeeeease add all those bosses somewhere and have them drop pets, would be really cool imo
  4. change the ::drag default back to 15, i can't tell you how many people have complained about switching being shit then when I tell them to change it to 15, it's perfectly fine.
  5. didn't realize it was a big deal. If it is, i can take it down
  6. Ako

    Buying all Votes

    same as his forum name, for future reference, roat pkz username can be found on their profile
  7. didnt even think about reddit, indeed there is a RSPS subreddit, going to make a post on it edit: here's the reddit post i made for anyone interested.
  8. why the fuck did they get removed
  9. I'm sure that me and many other would want the server to grow much more. And I'm also sure most of the people who want it to, also don't really want to pay for a real advertisement to be placed somewhere. Other than voting, are there any ways to advertise roatz that is free?
  10. i like ctrl zoom, or middle mouse click zoom. i agree it should not count against your KDR, same for funpk in my opinion disagree with all except crystal shield, crystal shield needs to be worse than blessed spirit shield in terms of range def imo, but not really that big of a deal
  11. UPDATE: noticed the ::Commands does not display all of the commands available, the ::Drag, ::myrisk, ::kdr, (and im sure there's others that i do not know of), as well as ::poke should probably be removed from that list considering it no longer works.
  12. Noticed with all the things being added, that some of the stuff is outdated and misleading. Things that i have noticed are as follows- chaotics premade kit should get removed, the did you know messages are outdated as some of the things they say don't even exist (ex. water/fire/earth cape), a bounty hunter point counter would be nice to have in the quest tab along with the other counters. gonna update this if i find more stuff, sorry if theres already a post like this. i didnt check, if so, feel free to delete this.
  13. 110k or trading for ancestral top+legs, arcane, and 10k pkt ign malachai
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