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  1. TehVoltage

    me irl.

    No one posted a pic real shit lol
  2. I don't get why this is funny at all, Basketball is the greatest sport in the world
  3. TehVoltage

    Farewell Roat

    Peace man! Goodluck on your future endevours
  4. Lmao this vid is geeked, good taste in music too
  5. Nice, I generally fix Lathes, CNC Machines
  6. Id agree, there would be a lot of good players to be promoted. #KillBob
  7. Nice, nice. May I ask what machines you work on?
  8. Haven't been on lately, got a new job making $800 a week. I just got my first place, what you guys do for a job? I repair machines at factorys, pretty much any common used machine at factorys.
  9. I agree, I don't like it I prefer pages
  10. Did anyone else notice there's no pages on the forums? Like on the replys, they just go straight down lol they're not in pages. I thought that was kind of weird
  11. I see a lot of people talking about League on the server, if you play drop your name and server i'm down to play some games tonight Name: Quantum Wombat Server: NA
  12. Damnnn, I made 60k last night lost it all in one stake lol. Fuck the duel arena
  13. LMFAO i fucking hate when this shit happens I get 90% in pot someone wins with 1.5% lmao
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