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  1. Figured I'd take some time to throw this together after I hopped back on the server after a month break. Took a month to separate myself from the toxicity that this server carries, there's a community, but its just not one Im gonna be a part of anymore. Decided to see if the muscle memory was there, and took the opportunity with everybody i saw in bandos to just do some random risk fights. Turns out not a single person in 40 minutes made it past the 5 seconds in spec rush and tab, So I give up. I've got clips from a month ago that I'll throw together for a half assed video cus there's no drive for me to support a server with that kind of community on my channel anymore. Ya'll can have it. Wanna give a shoutout to 4949 who started me off on this server with a dh set that took me into a 25 killstreak the first day I played, and carried me into the maybe 1-1.5m bank. You see this bro, leave a comment and you can have the rest. Had a lot of fun early on, stayed away from the toxicity for the most part and had some genuine fun riskfighting the real g's that understand the respect and honor that should come with pking at this highrisk level. The content brought some creativity and originality to my channel, and I learned even more about editing, and syncing to music than I already knew, so thanks for that. There may come a time where i wanna take a break from reality, and who knows give this server another shot. But for the time-being I've been a lot happier in the month that I took off, than the 40 minutes I just gave up crawling back to this server. Thanks to Gretar, Fruit, and whoever else I encountered along the way for makin this a hell of a run. Good luck on all future progress to the server, hope to hear you're at the top of your game some years down the line. Sorry I couldn't make it to the Big Vid #10 that I had planned. Maybe someday. Sincerely, Spartan M1lf
  2. Y'all not doing very well giving me feedback, if im puttin hours of my freetime into making content, I want to see that its worth it.
  3. Make sure to read the description of video for giveaway! Genuinely want some actual feedback so tell me what you thought, or what I can work on. Keep in mind its a 5 year old software so, ceilings the limit.
  4. https://gyazo.com/6dc5d6bc3400b14b32c1ac1b9ea809cc
  5. Show some love guys leave a comment, Much appreciated. Thanks. +10 Points if you can name the move intro.
  6. Honestly I like the ideas but you've got too many people in lms dding whole fights, and it really just gets boring af to play. I think adding the boss for a ffa drop would be fun similar to corp, maybe work on a new minigame completely or rework lms somehow.
  7. Lemme know whatchu think, Thanks. Gretar - waiting on compensation/answer discord - Thanks.
  8. Should take about 15k from the childs bank that kept my loot and lied about a return.
  9. Show me some love ya'll, i'll keep them vids comin! Thanks to all the contributors for my clips
  10. Put some hours into the edits and clips on this one, I hope ya'll can appreciate the grind i put in, more to come. Thanks.
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