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  1. We take over ur skype chat first... THIS IS OUR ACCOUNT NOW NIGGA
  2. post a pic from snapchat with location on
  3. daily gunit shitters pt 2 @pkmafia8 @GlVENCHYGIRl @CRIPPLEDNAN4 @weakside @Pot Nooodle
  4. was w8ing for u to deny it :L anyway post a ML
  5. nothing serious lmfao just a quick ting on these clowns 2v6 and they still running around like headless chickens @pkmafia8 @GlVENCHYGIRl @CRIPPLEDNAN4 @weakside @Illlllllllllllllllllllllll shittaz
  6. Grab some popcorn, Turn on 1080HD and relax cause this is the exposure of koolokeast. koolokast caught lacking @ edge: Also some Buffalo whales: loot: lil edge guy got so tired that he decided 2 go to edge, though luck. very easy loot: dont usually include edgepvp kills but holy fuck this nigga died to a 1 im so done: their bitch ass tber lmfao: more whales: #SG Leader & Narnia founder D I Z Z I E: New O2B Clan: STATUS: DOMINATING
  7. The 41 wasn't through prayer. The 41 gmaul was on prot mage but on roat, after a claw spec, the gmaul hit only shows after every claw hit, giving it a delay. Either way the 41 would have hit, delayed or not. Dominating
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