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  1. aaahh help us right now unthinkable things are raping us up are asses guys don't u think unthinkable things are just absolutely raping us up are ass irl and in roat pkz cuz they pwned me too hard to describe it guys so u know how i got raped by unthinkable things right well it sucks alot to know im not the cotroller of the universe to fight them u know cuz id totoaly controll them with thinkables high and infinity but it seems like i got pwned and it hurts i guess im not like lucifer pain im just horny for unthinkable things i think we need make unthinkable things use less pain when theyre being so painfull with theyre sexiness but the rape will never stop thxs is deepz(my other name) if your getting raped too hola at us we like the government of canada or uk will try to help u out a little now who else has some unthinkable shapes jokes post them up today's great i tell ya. the day everyone figures out that the sexiness of these things rapes us life so good its real *rise the evil*(in roat pkz)(all the good evil) AvB(ashvin blaze)my old RS name
  2. gen j thxs for gang just add up my account name is infinityhate hatcx my bad if you think dats corn lil wayne is illuminati but im not i said that as a joke i havent even talked with illuminati like dat
  3. hi id like to do this by joining a clan dats loves lucifer and make pking videos till im famous den use the fame to take over the world i was almost famous once on runescape i got 24 rank bounty hunter but i missed fame cuz i just quit runescape cuz my freinds said it was a yute game or i would of ended up higher then 24 rank plus famous but im down for a second go dis time they making work for it so who wants to help me and them selfs with this msg me fam we need to get all them runescape player on this so we can update to like 1000 players like runescape for clan pking
  4. hi my in game username is infinityhate id like to join this clan i use to be 24 rank bounty hunter in runescape but i quit cuz my friends gave me gonorrhea(metaphorical kind) saying is was a garbage game but my other freinds plays it but i still quit at 24 rank to go on vacation plus i forgot about the fame for some reason i think it was the lsd and ive been playing roat pkz for like 6 months and ive been playing runescape for like 8 years heres my pking videos https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ashvin+blaze i can join skype/discord and teamspeak
  5. thxs for the good luck comment new clan name you got caught in the buttrape
  6. hi my account name is Infinityhate im recruiting people for my clan rat trap(rt) aka Lucifer clan and many other names like you got caught in ur ass, heaven, young money, hell, im tryna make this clan as big as possible id like to keep are fights with other clans fun fights and not to mean that way we can get big and evil i use to be 24 rank bounty hunter pker in runescape(ashvin blaze was my account name) but then i got caught in the dragon trap and missed the shot at fame dat i had but now im back on roat pkz tryna make it back to the top and the fame plus back to my bh clan witch might happen if i can get this clan active also im tryna get people from runescape to watch our pking video so then roat pkz can get the server to have more people like 1000s if you want to join this clan just pm me or write here that you want to join almost everyone is accepted
  7. dese arent the best kills but this was supose to be my journey from the bottom to trhe top
  8. im going to work dis monday to get my own stufff up and running
  9. hi dis is my pking vdeo also thier guna get better its sense pking with senory from our brains
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