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  1. The Undisputed Kings of the Wilderness are now RECRUITING. Only the best applicants will be considered, we are not a mass recruiting Jad CC like the majority of clans on RoatPKz. Join the winning team before it's too late. Forum names: @Pedro @JBLIND™ - Ingame names: Framework Jblind ROT begging us to merge after destroying them The kings demanding respect after killing the entire server. Ingame name: Age: Can you join our Discord server (no mic required): Do you have Skype (no mic required): Can you supply your own items: Are you currently a member of a RPKZ multi clan: G O O D L U C K T O A N Y A P P L I C A N T S . (Reposted due to an issue with thread images)
  2. Prep us then. You talk a lot but you're never active in wilderness when we're out slapping everyone. Get @ us here.
  3. The undisputed Kings of the Wilderness are calling out any multi clan to a 8v8 matched multi prep. Post below to set up serious match-ups only.
  4. After the usual day of dominating single, we decided to hop on the Vanquish accounts to dominate multi too. We soon networked GUNIT's Discord and gave them an unwelcomed visit. After having our fun with GUNIT, we massed up and hit Jad. we soon realized GUNIT, ROT and NBK were at 38 in huge numbers. 10 Vanquish warriors soon exposed how unorganised and pathetic all three clans mentioned actually were. We are the undisputed kings of the wilderness. ( P.S. ROT, no, we will never merge with you shitters. ) ENDING PIC + ROT BEGGING US TO MERGE
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