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  1. As soon as I heard the song, I was like MOTHERFUCKING MIC GRIPPER
  2. Terpster

    stuck in the game

    I love how this guy got that thuggish flow - makes you feel fucking invincible LOL
  3. Can you fix the delay between switching and attacking (Especially when it comes to hybridding/NHing) thanks.
  4. You should go staking with your RNG
  5. Terpster

    [S] Custom Zone

  6. Absolutely loved the music, especially when it was on a 20 second loop.
  7. I realised this already existed, after I posted this thread .-. but thank you.
  8. This is just a quickone, the addition on top of the chatbox of how many members are currently active using the chatbox and which staff are currently on forums Might've been suggested before. I know it's not major - but for instance, it could help players to PM the corresponding staff member who is active (and also not feel like they're talking to themsevles in the chatbox :D).
  9. Fuck, at what point does Roatpkz stop becoming a PK server? This isnt' an eco server. Simply implementing these ideas doesn't guarantee the rejuvenation of the server or the wilderness. The ideas you put forward took some effort and I admire that; but it's beyond reason, making simplistic PKing gear cost something pulls the server away from its origin. I agree with changes you added the in the top section of your thread. However not with the price changes, that'll just fuck up. I can't imagine PKing in rune and a dragon scim just to advance my way onto whip.
  10. I agree, but 5K rather too much, as it isn't as heavy hitting as the other godswords
  11. PM me on forums and your ingame name, I will ask Gretar tomorrow on Discord to unlock your account so you have access. Rightfully, I'll send you the client as well.
  12. Terpster


    This track, is simply amazing - taken from the Album Shallow Graves For Toys from EarthGang Fuuuuck
  13. Terpster

    this is too good

    Biggie's flow is fucking sick, but I hate the beat - Could've put an old school twist on it, because of BIG, but BIG flow was so unique it could go on any beat, same with Pac's tbh. Personally, not a big fan of the song. But, good post nevertheless.
  14. Terpster

    Made Niggaz

    Felt nostaglic - this is one of my favourites from Pac and the Outlawz
  15. Terpster

    RIP Linkin Park.

    Only knew his music from Transformer films, and also the Jay Z track. Rest in Peace, nevertheless.
  16. What does the question mark bubbled in parentheses imply? I remember as a kid, I used to see them in subtitles to portray sarcasm, pls Aelin, pls tell me you're not trying to using sarcasm with "(?)". After all this time I've known you! Please! Have mercy!
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