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  1. ::hook PM Tepster for more details xo
  2. Terpster


    I saw this nigga on yesterday
  3. Terpster


  4. Title doesn't mean much in this aspect, It's either scrap titles, or create two different tournies on the same day, but doubt anything would happen...
  5. It's been a rough six years, but I'm better now. AND SO'S MY WIFE. If anyone gets that reference then lols
  6. NTY, the basic pk items costing pkp? Imagine the perspective of a new player joining the server, having to kill someone using a d scim loool. It's a no from me
  7. Nice vid - enjoyed the musik 2
  8. Terpster

    Laker Paper

    You have 0 music taste - and they're Jamaican
  9. Terpster

    Laker Paper

    When you're high and need a track to vibe
  10. daily feast? there wasn't a single kill, the music made me sleep
  11. Terpster

    Fooking fire

    You don't know anything, so I forgive you
  12. Terpster

    Fooking fire

    Foooking fire m8 it's dubbed LAVA
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