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  1. Don't try to act like you're someone. I ran this server for the entire of 2014. If you're new don't act like you're supposed to know the people who layed the foundation randomer.
  2. Putting only question marks you're so cool
  3. l000000000l stop it you know hes not brave enough for a commentary
  4. Poll when it wouldn't make sense? No.
  5. You can get a refund if you encountered a bug that made you lose a drastic about of GP. For example, if you lose a malward to the revert bug, you wouldn't be compensated. If it's a large bug, the staff will be more inclined to refund you because the bug would benefit the server, too. If you're going to lie and say you lost something when you staked it away, be careful. You don't know how staff may react to your deception.
  6. 0192837465-Sam

    mead out

    See, I just don't see your point here. I understand what you're saying when you identify the edge pkers, but you left out a number of players? I could EASILY pick out all of the things that are wrong with *that server* that had 1k players 6-8 months ago, but it doesn't make it bad or wrong? Gretar said the reason he hadn't worked on the server previously was because it was impossible to fix, now it's not and he has fixed everything that people are mentioning to him. The assumption was Gretar is lazy, and chose not to do the work because he was making money anyway, but that's not the case. There's many things currently being held to the side whilst we find a way to introduce it, but content is coming. If you speak to Gretar now, rather than a month ago or at any point before the client, you will get a different answer. You have a way to improve the economy? Detail it to him, Smackd, or whoever. I will say people have probably already relayed any good idea you might have to him already. I've yet to read a suggestion by you that hasn't been said 1000 times before, although you have given the impression you're naïve enough to believe you are the be-all of pking Consistently you say people say nothing is wrong with the server, but who has said that? People have been saying that for years, and play it similarly to you, because the community was enjoyable. If the server was so bad and you believe you are a superior pker, then why did you play it as much as everyone else? Some may say that it's not a coincidence that you move to another server when things look up, but hey
  7. Definitely do support this. My idea would be $5 donor and only 1 month of it. Only super donor would be perm. It would reduce the number people spamming yell and it would give a more prominent emphasis on getting super donor. More desire for super donor = more money for gretar, less spam on yell, and so on. Right now everyone in the game is a donor forever. Regular donator benefits are steep and permanent. Either add levels to donor with making the 2nd level $15+ or just keep super permanent only. @Gretar
  8. So because halos are "supposed to" come from castle wars on real rs, then we are supposed to do the same on roat? Nice pkp store, :: wildy commands, and a million other things that aren't on RS that are on here Keep trying to curse your way to making your point sound halfway decent, you will never have an iq above 65
  9. How is saying no giving his opinion? He, just like you, isn't smart enough to give an opinion
  10. Where did you give your opinion dumb fuck?
  11. So would you rather have 24 ags sitting in your bank forever or the best cape in the game and an ags at the same time? Hmm, let me think!
  12. I think halos should be removed from the shop. It's a pking server and rn there's enough halos in the game. Add it to bh when it comes to reward pkers
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