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  1. Glad ur back and well welcome back mate
  2. it wasnt a joke i seriously dropped it thinking it would appear on the ground alrdy did Didn’t u also btw?
  3. Gif shows different, haven’t won every tournament, plus I’m saying it ROFL, and ofc it is or I would’ve still used it
  4. Person ate on ALL switches when you said ”now he autos the rest of the fight” but you just ignored everything I just said ur obviously not convinced so idc believe whatever u want (LOL)
  5. yeah sorry about that my gf doesn’t let me include murderers (lol)
  6. I got that afterwards btw, just for the record. And I didn’t fight smokey. I quit roatz I gave all my shit out on it and 07 that is irrelevant to me now goodfight every1 gl in ur lives mates
  7. Its mine lol im selling it
  8. Somalia


    Everyone above no he didn’t
  9. In-game? No. All tournament titles are red
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