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  1. Ok, guys I will try it out I'll hook ya'll out for helping me, whats ur ing folks
  2. I know what system restore is , I'm running in Windows 10.. I can't even acess system restore point. I want to restore everything, or is it gone? i heard there were some programs where you could restore the system?
  3. Can I restore to the exact time I lost everything? (can i restore everthing)? maybe there is a kind of program out there which u can do that with
  4. I managed to delete my entire regedit HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> SOFTWARE SECTION all of it accidentaly, is there any way to recover? Lost my sticky notes, and google chrome logs and everything, which I have important documents on I need to recover , I have 12m pkp and 3 customs ing, im willing to pay up to 300-400k if u can help me
  5. yeah ur a grown man now go get a life smh
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