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  1. Akash

    deuces my dudes

    lmao I do have to thank him for what I made on 07 Deuces
  2. Akash

    deuces my dudes

    Thanks bro, owner is actually super nice
  3. Akash

    deuces my dudes

    For sure You too You too Fam You too brotha Lmao I didn’t tag everyone but if you helped me out you know who you are, this extends to you obviously, @Terzey, @Sandal, @Smoothie, @3AT 99 ALL, @Killbob and probably more haha. Gl in sand casino my arab frand Deuces
  4. Akash

    deuces my dudes

    was fun playing with you guys but i've 100% lost interest in the game since i made my first mill, game just got boring to me and im sure 10 or 14m would be enough to set u for the rest of the game but its just not fun as when i first joined. that being said im still going to post the video of the giveaway winners from the last video and i will be paying them out, afterwards i wont be on as much or be playing at all really. was a blast, deuces. special shoutout to @Smackd @JBLIND @Ahmash @Tupac @Mike @Pedro you guys were there for me when i first joined so i'll give you guys some shit when i log on
  5. yessir. haha it's just pixels man for sure bro like for past two weeks i've been sitting on 5-10m+ bank and just steadily losing interest in the server. i was either gonna lose everything to some random like vasber or omais7 lmao, rather it be smoothie. it's just pixels man haha yeah it's weird, i feel happy and liberated if anything now. and if you don't win the giveaway i'll give you something cause ur one of my day 1's
  6. I should’ve explained this in vid but I stopped playing on akash due to the begging/toxicity but in general I was losing interest in the server. I’m not really mad or upset over losing pixels cause I’ve just lost interest, that being sad I just chucked Hmu next time I’m on I’ll give you something cause I probably won’t be playing much anymore same goes for @Andrew @Ahmash @3AT 99 ALL @Killbob and anyone else I left out that I was cool with @Tiger0n4oids I picked winners, paid them for the mystery boxes. I’ll include that in next vid.
  7. I've amassed up to 14m pkp in the past month I've been back. I've lost interest in the game, so I decided to chuck my bank. (Prior to this I lost 4m pkp to @Smoothie, everything aside I'd rather lose my bank to smoothie than some random arab. Gg. Don't forget to enter giveaway by: Liking the video, subscribing, commenting your in-game name.
  8. an angel cape bc i opened too many boxes and my best reward was 1k also nice bideo
  9. u should give ahmash ss cuz he is #1
  10. Giving away 5 mystery boxes for 5 different participants. How to join: Like the video, comment your in-game name, subscribe to my channel. If you fail to do these 3 instructions, and you happen to win- you will be rerolled.
  11. orgo is hard as fuck bro good luck
  12. i sell youtuber donator rank pm me
  13. @nh tank can teach u he planked @Persona with a 75-40
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