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  1. Gyser87

    It was fun.

    Well guys, kinda shame that i'm saying goodbye. I've met some pretty good people on here, but Things with work have just been getting super busy, along with I leave for boot camp in less than 30 days, things are getting pretty hectic. I wanna give a shoutout to Finnessed considering he was always a bro especially when I got cleaned every other day (Sorry I lost your shit bro) but as of right now I really have no plans of logging back on, maybe after Basic Training and my AIT i'll get back on but I have no idea. Thanks for the staff team for being pretty cool and Roatz for being an awesome time occupier. See ya around.
  2. ScHoolboy Q - Hands On The Wheel [Official Remix] Feat. A$AP Rocky, Ke'Ondris I know its shorter than the others but I was mostly just messing around with edits
  3. Step One: Beat LvR Step Two: Beat LvR Step Three: Beat LvR And Finally Step Four: Beat LvR
  4. Reboot your pc, on the black loading screen mash f12 or f8 to go into settings menu Launch in safe mode, or there may be a restore option already there (if there is, use it) After launching in safe mode you should be able to find or create a restore point. Thats all I got.
  5. (I understand not all of you will like the same music, It wont always be like this, its just what I chose this time, Thanks!)
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