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  1. Rules Video and all clips must be made specifically for this contest Must be RoatPkz clips only (should be obvious) Video must to be at least 7-10 Minutes long. Must have 1-4 clips of each member in the video, the more variation the better Must link http://www.roatpkz.com/ in your description. No old clips/edgepvp or edge Must show a Banner of your Team Name aswell.
  2. les was with u guys for quite a long time, always loyal. The question is who's next to get bsed
  3. It was mystic accs that killed him though
  4. That's quite a long bump Mead! I'm sure the cast of people who care about your opinion (is a lot of people btw!) would love to hear why you would not disagree with korasi! You do claim this server isn't like 07! Let's rediscuss this topic... Ty Mead (Roatpkz Youtuber in 2018-only got removed 2 days ago lol)
  5. I'm not embarrassed to play this server, though. It's a private server and you care a lot and pretend you don't You applied for youtuber bTW
  6. U applied for youtuber rank on here in 2017 did u forget
  7. Posting a pic of them saying they’re gonna bs u bcus ur shit lol
  8. 1. U pked with them as well moron LOL 2. I pked with them when Spartans first opened 3. You pk with 14 brews LOL
  9. Late response but basically I am a shit pker and if I see a high xp drop I get gassed so I use a dark color so I don’t rlly pay attention (or, well, pay attention less)
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