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  1. ripz n dipz scam artist, ran on us on a 4man divine split and never shared
  2. fix drop rate at gorillas , i think heavy should be 1/500 and light be 1/250
  3. How long have you been playing Runescape?: 10yrs witch style of group pking do you prefer, Multi/Single/Both?: multi or single do you have access to Discord?: no do you have experience in clanning?: yes What's your Roatzpkz username(s)?: 2spec2ded who recommended you this clan?: mr meowgie
  4. Application format: Ingame Username: 2spec2ded How long have you been playing: rs for 10yrs roatpkz about a week Do you have any single pk'ing experience (if so please specify): yes on runescape Can you join Skype/Discord/Teamspeak: no , dont have headset
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