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  1. Reduced to multi pking? I remember our first day we got Why GG for complete max in multi, you got nothing but barrows loot? Try coming to our server as we’ve tried your shit server now
  2. We only just got unbanned, we played for 4days before
  3. Imagine banning my whole team then asking for competition fucking monkeys we joined for 3 days and dominated had to get smackd to ban us all awks, you got humiliated in 3 days max sets on day1 awks
  4. Ya'll hating because you got some competition stay avoiding
  5. Neck it, dont forget this avoid tho https://youtu.be/-w0kodaClL4?t=2m59s
  6. He was shaking in fear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDlzvmshRMc&feature=youtu.be Second clip is your boy tanking like 8 levels
  7. That was only day 1, Spartans smack video incoming
  8. Stay irrelevant, imagine making posts because we run this game in 2days #pm4spy Slap video incoming
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