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  1. like 4 "noticeable" hybrids on this game bet you cant name 5
  2. why wasnt vestas put with this update, its 5k a piece fuck off put it with this
  3. How you gonna compare a RSPS with barely 50 pkers to a game with thousands of pkers, like 4 people on this game have an 07 acc, and if you're comparing highest tier 07 pker to highest tier roatpkz pker do you really need an answer to that LOL stop comparing yourself to good pkers you've got the ability of autumn elegy
  4. yet another dumb thread. whats "good" about roatpkz
  5. Pyd


    You bought your account off cheaprs2gold tho
  6. free my boy @Yoobs 1 of the only non downies of this game on FN
  7. every single update this server gets only benefits rich ppl, cancer
  8. Pyd

    downie staff

    im unbannable shut up freak
  9. keep seeing threads of rwters staying banned permanently, half of these fuckers dont even know its apparently so serious stop instantly declining peoples apps downie fucks maybe if it wasnt $150 for d claws these kids wouldnt need to rwt power hungry morons @all staff aka downies
  10. this song made me dislike you even more smh
  11. all the items that get added to this game are done in a tragic way so just suggest items and hope for the best. all the rich weirdos will stockpile them and feel proud of themselves anyway. good suggestion though
  12. you never started nvm retired
  13. Pyd

    Rip the guys free the guys

    he also got my pure 39 def + botted it, yet hes too much of a spastic to even ruin the acc
  14. Pyd

    Rip the guys free the guys

    beg it pussy lmfao u aint going nowhere downie fuck
  15. arabs only have a different new year coz they can't read a calender
  16. this isnt anyone from roat, 2nd gif is a 119 stack so irrelevant, no1 is good on roatpkz, none of you have runescape accounts and none of you login without an email. pointless thread yet again get a grip spastics SMH lmfao
  17. why u freezing in fury and bolting in occult
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