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  1. fuk x lemao dead moron
  2. i do not pray on specs unless nhing
  3. man said singles! l0000000000l anyone wanna pk in singles way combat? oh man i fucking love pking in multiS aswell multis pking is so much fun
  4. whats that last clip supposed to be? ags spec on melee prayer full hp then a 69 ags on full hp bandos + dfs ? then running to kbd cave? lol whaT??? did u forget that ur teammate died that same day (for maximality ) (hehe bro 123 rootme carries ur shit team (mikep too) shit vid and ur slow
  5. i dont even know who you are or that you existed lmao
  6. Would be nice if you thought about the rules first and how bad they actually before you posted this. IF the video needs to be 7-10 minutes long and EACH member must have 1-3 clips how are you gonna regulate this? I got easily over 20 members in Ratlords and vast majority of them dont even play Roatpkz, yet they'd still need to have clips in the video? What stops me from going on my friends account to get a clip of me killing a pvmer for shit loot and just dumping it in just for the sake of the rules? Anyways 7-10 minutes is fucking absurd seeing as this is roatpkz and more than 1 team will be going for this, this isn't os-scape where you can go pk for 1hr and shit out 5 max kills for a video, on here you actually need to wait and scout for long periods of times to even find a max kill + with brew drop mechanics pking at most places is fucking impossible lmfao. Also why is a banner of your teams name required? How does this add to the competition? our team doesn't have a banner because we don't care about one and don't bother getting one if this is an actual rule i guess i'll just make some bullshit up on paint lmao. all negative things aside, nice idea and hoping to see this get the pking scene more active will definitely be trying to win this one Edit: not everyone can record / knows how to or simply doesn't want to. there fore please change the "1-3 clips" from each member instead just rate the videos by their variety.
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