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  1. I see but I don't see how reducing the value of only the pkp that have not been spent yet will improve the economy tbh
  2. Lol if you make everything 3x the pkp and give 3x the pk points for every kill and give 3x the donator value nothing actually changes You'll get as much for 10$ as u do now lol
  3. Then u joined at the wrong time bro Ragging wasn't the issue and ofcourse it's nice that it was active at the time, but every1 who'd go there would be forced to nh because the hybrids were not 'allowed' to hybrid there. Can't blame them for doing something back then imo. Ragging was made bannable but nhing eachother isn't, so if people would really enjoy the pking itself instead of trying to ruin other's pking experience, easts would be as active as ever. Guess that's not the case then.
  4. Yes and then came the idiots who could not keep up and thought it'd be easier just to rag the hybrids instead of hybriding themselves. That really ruined easts lol and I think it also caused alot of new hybrids to leave very soon after they joined
  5. Still waiting for my refund???
  6. im think #g unit is best pkers maybe u let me pk with u guys sometimes please? easy loot lol...
  7. Tumm


    End of an era!
  8. Ingame name: TummHow long have you been playing?: about to hit 5 years, I think in decemberCan anyone verify how long you have been playing? (3 years +): I think pretty much every old player can confirm but let's go with the dutch legend Kevinbauwz Edit: I don't think 5+ years is possible though, wasn't rpkz launched in like august 11?
  9. Tumm


    nice one Jake well done
  10. That does not work for me but thanks for the advice, I'm fine with the black bars though it's kinda my thing lol Finally, somebody who understands
  11. Still rusty but I'm getting there lol
  12. Nice tom also nice singing for allah
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