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  1. You're not gonna do anything. I'm not supposed to be banned. I got unbanned by Gretar you're not in charge of shit when he unbans me. + I'm content moderated
  2. USA


    @Smackd Pro
  3. USA


    You can't recall me calling u on skype with video on accident and u actually picked up, then u was like "ROFL, I probs looked like a retard" ye, I got that pic btw. dw I can't post it i'd get banned but you know. If u want it i'm selling it (paypal)
  4. USA


    Thought so. Btw @John you called me an autoswitcher today dunno why. Hope this is proof https://gyazo.com/af58ad2174c25521ce5c5d86738b5f1c https://gyazo.com/028a12df3692002a0bbc0df9633ddf8b
  5. USA


    So you don't know what I'm talking about then?
  6. USA


    No lol buy it from me (paypal) you'd stop taking him srs btw
  7. Wrong. On osrs you'd hit more in total (way more)
  8. USA


    If I could reply with anything without getting punished, I'd post that pic of u that I captured when u answered the video call Ye, guess u never thought about it
  9. I don't usually stake but I did today to try it out after you posted this and I can totally agree. Dds hits 0-0 at least twice every fight and whip at least 0-10 on 8/10 hits can't blame on accuracy/rng it's 0 def @Gretar
  10. USA


    Making a hybrid video, if anybody wants to make a duo let me know https://gyazo.com/d63db8e45d88a489b3cf66d3a756df84
  11. USA


    Hi, I'm not new, been here for a while just never created a forums account. My username is "USA" hope to see you all in-game
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