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  1. Good quality vid, just very very short. Maybe stock up some more clips for the next one ( i know u said its a trial but js ). Nonetheless nice vid.
  2. Op21144

    #1 banger

    LMFAO... :cmonbruh:
  3. Maybe this will make PURE NH spot more active.. *I WONT HOLD MY BREATH* :P. Nice Clips Nonetheless!
  4. Word. Much Needed. It sad when you can still out fakey them with their AHK tho.. but nonetheless now we can see their true skill.
  5. a hell of a lot of kills for no divi :/. feelsbadman.
  6. I get what ur saying,, but that's another perk of donators. they wont remove it.
  7. Not gonna lie Slapped this shit was sick l0l00l0l. that kid was waiting to DBOW u in the 1 clip but u tele'd jus intime lmfao.. Cant wait for Part 2.
  8. That's bullshit where's the pure pkt.???? Also I've noticed everyone of your vids is like some kinda sympathy like oh look at me I'm the broke youtuber??? Wtf is this scheme u got going? Cause u seen rsps vids where YOUTUBERS get donations? So u think it'll work for u too by becoming a y outuber randomly 1 day? Just stop with the shit quality vids your not going to gain roatpkz donations from it cause I can see that's your intention.
  9. Op21144

    RIP Craig Mack

    This man always put it down.. R.I.P.
  10. Op21144


    RSPS in general is a crime lmfao..
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