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  1. XD


    boring and shit game lalalala il be back when magic is fixed wont be active on anything else except osrs because its afk when im doing other things
  2. yea no1 asked for ur input
  3. trippie red is the ugliest nigger ive ever seen
  4. XD

    rot rules contract signed

    not mystic anymore
  5. Owner Gretar Global Admin(s) Smackd - Playtime: 67 hours (+35 hours AFK) decent times would be better if u added the ones on alts Administrator(s) Legend he was online wtf Forum Administrator(s) John Player Moderator(s) Jblind - Playtime: 95 Hours (+22 Hours AFK) same as smackd Ban152 - Playtime: 46 Hours (+12 Hours AFK) could be better ngl Server Support Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 147 Hours (+17 Hours AFK) only helpful ss Mikevanoers - Playtime: 72 Hours (+3 Hours AFK) dont care about this guy get some new SS already lol
  6. U used mage only in max brid LOL what a faggot
  7. XD

    Yo Guys

  8. 'rsps pking' as if u do rs video :llllllll
  9. XD

    Rip the guys free the guys

    Leaked my own skype in public
  10. XD

    Rip the guys free the guys

    be nice he gave you free 1m in bowstrings
  11. aren't you a mod in AOAAtube twitch
  12. unrealistic, 99% of dhers don't use dfs highers your defence a lot which ruins the fun of risking in dh when your axe hits 0s when you're low hp discuss if u want i heat dis itam
  13. u would go clubbing but freebies is outside the door
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