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  2. hey u banned me,

    how is it a ban? when he provoked me in-game, and got me pissed off... obv he doesnt sent in that chat... and i think to be fair this should be a mute/?

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    2. Smackd


      My boy Fantastic abuse these rats make me so proud :’) 

    3. inb4teased


      am i banned forever? @JBLIND

    4. Fantastic


      No. The ban is temporary.

  3. lol gretar... well i cant discuss with u , however i dont agree with zero refund when u know all my items got hacked. as a donator i find it pretty sad, but your opinion. And please pm me the pass of my account. And guess talk to some m8s and might just buy some mills and play 07 again. Thanks u looked into but i disagree with the fact im not getting refund
  4. Bart watch this, it explains your life i already recovered u retard And obv u not logging into my acc urself, u know gretar can see ip's u let do someone else it.. Or u just used a fucking vpn and someone in india did it idontfucking care im 1000000% sure u , sophia and bart are corrupt af and took my account and money And tells gretar welllll... this is actually good for the eco isn't it? ofc he says yes and he believes u, its ridiculous
  5. yeah well if gretars believes u ima laugh my fucking ass off... u talking so much crap... with ur made up story , that u looked into it... and if u see trade logs etc.. u can see it traded right? what does an fucking email has to do with that? As i said your just a fucking worthless prick, who achieved nothing in life yet , oh wait u achieved mod and abusing it thats nice! Now can i have my fucking account back?
  6. Thanks for u support.. well gretar is the only one who can do something about this. It all happend at 3am sophia , bart and jblind were online at the same time aftrr it happend and report was made. Jblind firstly reacted with that he will look into this.. because he did it. So no one would see it if he would look into it. And also pmed me on forums if i could speak to him ingame wht a joke ps om not retarded. U kids getting banned @JBLIND @Bart @sophia
  7. @Gretar @gretar159 read all this story+comments then go check ips and trade logs
  8. Well its pretty clear who did this. Sophia and bart sophia acts like a girl coz hes gay, and jerking on barts dick. Thise fuckers hacked me idk how tho. atleast u got nothing in real life get a job u fucking spastic and shitty server ban those veterans who think theyre cool
  9. yea i hope u get ip-ed and i get my acc and shit back if it was u how can u live with yourself. your parents cant be proud That i say sit . Doesnt allow you you to take my account and bank . the reason i say sit is to piss ppl off and win more stakes
  10. Thanks jblind appreciate it . Lets hope My pass was lol123 because week before chistmas i started.. and i didnt knew i would still playing roatpkz but it got me addicted.. I just made the acc quick with that pass... then got used to it
  11. Done it.. if u see my acc online ban it pls. now lets hope on the good work of this community
  12. Ye i cant even log back into my account . Cause the cunt changed the pass. Obv no bank pin .. couldnt imagine getting hacked rsps... well imo higher staff should put work into it otherwise im out. It cant be hard to find who did this
  13. This is inb4teased here , im very pissed right now and sad at the same time.... I just got hacked..... with a 250 k bank. How it happend : I was at duel arena about to stake, some kid called '' baby vote'''and '''10 toes down'' ran into me and asked can i buy rev tele 1k. i said noty cause i was rich af and was like im lazy. He asks again plss mate 1k, im like ok well for 1k... i can make some m8 happy with that... so as soon as i wanted to trade the rev tele , he declined, i teleported with 110k pkt to revs. i immidiatly logged off.... was scared to log back on cause there were magers standing to get me.... i didnt log back in and i was on my other account called '' achieverz''' after 2 mins i see on my other acc ' inb4teased' has logged on ? im like wtf how the fuck someones on my account....The stupiest thing is , that my password was lol123.... So i guess after they tried luring me and i logged off they tried to loogin? or some shit and guessed my pass?? now my pass is changed and im hacked im so fucking sad about this. im been working very hard to get it.... PLease god bless someone help me Pls check the ip=s the account logged on Regards inb4teased, i post it here aswell cause im deperate
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