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  1. Had a really fun time creating this video all together. Took a few hours to create & would appreciate if you subscribed and liked the video REFER CODE - IN DESCRIPTION
  2. Its been a hot minute, but im coming back to roatz.
  3. Back

    1. Tupac


      u logged on once nigga wtf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Basically Its been tough out here for a yong man.....But luck might be back on my side
  5. Hey if you're a fan of heavy dubstep & like to see live performance clips. Follow me on my Youtube @ ROAN NYC Also preparing a new Roatz video for you guys so stay tuned.
  6. Roan


    Thinking of making a from poor to rich series. might just do that... hmm
  7. Roan


    Lost bank in Duel arena. leaving for a while. cyall later. GL in all of your lifes en-devours. -R O A N
  8. My first ever ROAT pkz video, hope you enjoy bros
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