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  1. mhm nh tank likes a bit of flame flxz kill on my next vid btw and eden xo chanced 0 gmaul on 14hp off pry on robes also on my next vid
  2. long time overdue finally worked out how to record, vids not the best but i just wanted to throw something out there,also wanted to get more kills but havent been able to play as much, ima also post the last few max pics iv goten.idk if im still gona record shit makes me hella laggy as i already lagg hard as fuck without recording
  3. sucks to be mel0ns he had all those people falled in on him there was 0 chance he could of got a box at hobs or even froze the focser and got gap
  4. your dpi is way to high for you to handle looks like your hands are shaking and ur 2 ticking 3 ways maybe lower it idk
  5. nh tank


    mhm i do agree its kinda been abit ridiculous the amount these randoms from other servers have being hooked, brand new accounts pking in full anestral ely's ect but hey i cant complain more max sets to pk
  6. this guy just sat at hills spec tabbing all day to get clips not impressed
  7. lol this shits funny i dont rly take this sht serious but felt the need to expose/fire back at them. bears making fake nexus accounts and killing them for the clips facts,bears killing there own spy in nexus facts,1 legit kill also facts,
  8. idk who plays on stackin but that account seems to die every 3-4 days for max nvm i do know who plays on it oso2real. and ahahaaha if mikep didnt panic on a 1 man focus at 44s ban152 never would of came and would still be mod...let that sink in
  9. spartans made a whole vid killing peope from nexus in multi tho hmm
  10. been along time since i made a max kp topic but i finally got enough kps,had many close kills but havent had the rng old nh tank once had.stackin aka oso2real dead by jukemeluke yikes....? iv had alot of deep wildy kills for semi max pking with nexus just havent been fked or thought its worth adding to the topic nor some hybrid kills which ill save for another topic maybe.but ye enjoy
  11. ahahahaha imagine faking nexus kills for a video coz u coudnt kill anyone, the easts focus is 100% fake account and so is the one north of ::wests to bad no1 records from nexus otherwise we could show the countless red bars we had on ur team.1-0 tho brother ill just leave this here
  12. ehh no learn to math rag bots death was 170k alone and his died multiple times to them and where just talking about ragbot not the rest i die like once a year u die like 3x a week....levels to this shit my boy dw u will catch up one day
  13. spartans wont go past level 30 and bring elys every where they go now lmfao, heard stackin dead by ratlords yesterday yikes, also most of the kills are in multi and spartans sayings multi doesnt count yet donated over 2m to mongolians so does multi count or dosnt it? retards
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