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  1. nh tank

    Welcome Team Nexus

    ehh no learn to math rag bots death was 170k alone and his died multiple times to them and where just talking about ragbot not the rest i die like once a year u die like 3x a week....levels to this shit my boy dw u will catch up one day
  2. nh tank

    Welcome Team Nexus

    spartans wont go past level 30 and bring elys every where they go now lmfao, heard stackin dead by ratlords yesterday yikes, also most of the kills are in multi and spartans sayings multi doesnt count yet donated over 2m to mongolians so does multi count or dosnt it? retards
  3. hmm i rememeber telling u gretar about this bug like a month ago but i dont think u understood and was hard to explain without a video. just make it the key holder cant attack back?allowing anyone to pj the player who is attacking they key holder also some annoying shit about the key id like to mention,20 multi bots camping multi with the key,not being able to find the player with the key,having to remove risk defence to attack some1 in 0 risk who is attacking the player with the key
  4. omg brings back memories when i use to use morrgians axes and javs pking with my maxed tank on rs like 10 years ago dats my shit
  5. nh tank

    Garbage cc gets decimated

    firstly just coz we had like 10 people in torny dosnt mean shit because our best memebers fought each other in multiple rounds losing to ourselfs, and wow that was really ur account?i was thinking how this auto casting shitter even got to finals, sad i didnt get to fight you tho would of been an easy pass. kps from last couple weeks of duels peninos alts
  6. nh tank

    I'm actually the worst pker

    dw brother you will learn from this and come back stronger
  7. nh tank

    duel penino dead

    lmfao u sound like a total spastic every time u type please come on discord i wana see how mentally unstable you are
  8. nh tank

    duel penino dead

    been awhile since i made a single topic on some1 but this multi bot pker has talked alot of shit and avoided fights, never once seen him pk in singles.....though i was informed by one of my team mates that this shitter was in fact pking solo at chins in semi max.within 30 seconds me and the boys saw our opportunity and pounced on him landing a d scim full tb as he then proceeded to run south not quiet sure knowing on where to go missing every f3 while panicking. in the end this clueless kid ran multi knowing there was 0 chance he was going to survive, also in works is a spartans donating over 500k to mongolians topic. and in reguards to the rag bot death which was for 10k i was ragging using tb setup and d bow ect still like 7 months unkillable in max nh
  9. big topic on spartans donating over 500k to mongolians coming soon stay tuned
  10. nh tank

    Pk for lyfe

    l0l0ll easy slap @duel penino l2 nh stake and do u have to plank in every jblind vid @OP SHACKO
  11. nh tank

    pk video ft 100k loot

    you do have high iq when it comes to specing and not being speced off pry tho i see chances in this vid where u could have died
  12. nh tank

    kK wE Ns NoW DuMb PaKi

    lol i died ragging using tbs and tb d bow setup coz 350 ping prayer delay bs, fucks givin? 0. when it comes to max nhing or even hybrid im the most unkillable pker, for every time i die you die like 15x, lets put it this way if i was still only nhing on nh tank id be at like 3000ks havent died for max in close to 7 months. #unstoppable #mostfeared #kingofthekills spartans nigga gang gang cringe cringe u sound like a 13 year old girl irl lmao
  13. meridians getting dropped left and right, state..
  14. nh tank


    lol firstly idk how u know my style when uv literately never had the balls to fight me once on no warning, maybe killed ur alts for max idk? we can do the nh stake if you wish but ur honestly trash auto cast mage in every hybrid torny. just a couple kps of you on 1 of my alts in nh torny. ye i pry melee alot if u saw how lagging i pk ud understand takes me 3 seconds for protection to work
  15. nh tank

    Spartans day of dominance

    not impressed. that elvy kill was afking on my tber acc while focusing some1 only way i died and always pkin had 0 risk. keep trying tho, also l0l wym only today thats like a months worth of kills for spartans