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  1. long time speak long time since fight when can we gl fam? ur team be dieing daily to us if anyone in ur team wana sesh me max nh im willing to fight untill some1 dies even if it takes a few hours send nudes
  2. nh tank chanced ! gmaul was on melee pry but was still a chance my mistake/fault/ping delay. drank a combat pot right before u speced pot blocking myself shit happens. tho glad u killed big bum bum for bank, kid killed me talked mad sht after but died for max/ 20k+ loot like 7x that same week. max kill topic soon just cba going through 1000 kps to find the max kills
  3. @JBLIND long time no speak #bro, yes like the deadman chest only 4min tb and some guys bringing 20 brews to tank unkillable
  4. dw fam gona lighten it up abit soon max kill topic next few days ft a couple spartan memebers and randoms
  5. lol people saying 6 brew cap....ill make u use 6 brews within the first minute of ur 6m tb comon now...
  6. 18 brews me on the focus np's but ye also the deadman chest only 4min tb and like u said people bringing divine and 18 brews dont even have to f3 to tank lol frustrating
  7. 4-0 to team static who just coudnt compete outsmarted and outskilled double our memebers but still managed to die multiple times,and for spartans alot of talk but never pk above lvl 5 and when they do this is what happens
  8. juke we need u back ur pker very good and #1 tber without u we get 0 kills
  9. cool vid? seen u kill a bunch of bad nexus pkers in multi nice! to bad none are me, keep trying though
  10. u aint gona do shit i died that time coz of a bug that hasnt been fixed, u decline ratlords offer to 1v1 hybrid for 07 and u avoid seshing me in max nh low confidence?
  11. if your team was good it woudnt matter if they had 16-17 brews its a 6min tb thats along time idk maybe just a spartan thing struggling to get kills. our team we killing niggas on halfs
  12. so this bitch ass avoider talking shit on yell but woudnt fight me, heard he was at revs fighting mysticers in max coz thats the type of shit trash pkers do when they cant max vs max.anyway got some1 to half him and i jumped on the focus 40 seconds later mans dead spartan quality. wish i could vid this shit but i already lag hard as fuck as it is so dont bother recording much anymore
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