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  1. nh tank


    i see people saying his improved...you can thank me for that as tesfxye is my student and i am his teacher, after over 100 fights some of my skill has rubbed off on him which is expected. To compete with me your gona have to adapt or die, in this case my student has died but i see some progress being made which im happy about.
  2. nh tank

    New Wilderness Key Event Feedback!

    good update me likey, and no dont make it multiple players can attack the key holder at once lol would be a cluster fuck. could possibly make it you have to risk like 5-10k to pick up the key or something idk ether way its good
  3. nh tank

    I'm absolutely garbage.

    yep no exucses for this one his clearly the better nher/hybrid i was just overwhelmed by his fast switching and outclassed no way i could compete with such a high level pker like dylan. infact your going on blacklist cba dieing to u again for max
  4. nh tank

    150k PKP Giveaway

    ign- NO WARNING and i will pick the number 9, i wish the best of luck to those who enter much love
  5. nh tank

    Yesterday & today

    u goof cant even see who u killed just loot piles you need to post like this, also you should thank allah we splashed 5x in a row on you and got gap dont think ur gona be solo pking anymore:P
  6. nh tank

    l0l mac banned

    some salty hybrider who tried to nh me a few times didnt go well for him @Tesfxye
  7. nh tank

    l0l mac banned

    @jblind fuck off 4ner bitch u and paki gg never had the balls to vc me, i could get multiple screen shots of u joking about d dosing in discord with ratlord memebers, what the fuck u mean case closed u got no evidence stupid fuck,just me calling some1 a static fuck and rag bot dcing in a torny, why dont u punish the ratlord memebers who openly type static fuck and sending there email adress's this server is corrupt, jblinds to much of a bitch to punish his buddies from ratlords who are the ones responsible. why have an admin like that, probbaly some nerdy looking kid with glass's who spends 6 hours a day just on forums reading and typing useless shit. yeh ima be toxic no1 gona out trash talk me bunch of pussys irl come on vc bring friends ill bully them aswell. i yell max nhers to hills for 3 hours none of u turn up haha u know im king of the hills avoiding little bitches.iv been playing this server for like 1.5 years and have more max kills that ur whole team combined, bro u act like a try hard gangster ingame but when i spoke to you on voice chat u sounded like a 13 year old girl lmao exposed, probably y why gg wont speak to me aswell
  8. nh tank

    l0l mac banned

    you really gona mac ban me for calling rag bot a static fuck everyone know that term gets thrown around alot and i never seen anything happen to them, there evidence shows a vid of rag bot dcing in a torny and its my fault? every1 knows ratlords have his ip and him and other spartan memebers have been getting hit offline in tornys. also some of my closest friends have been hit offline by them, we also know jblind is in ratlords which is kinda funny i see them joking around about getting hit offline. at the end of the day if this is the end of nh tank on roatpkz it will be very sad i feel like i made a big impact in the game, achieving 1000 ks was one of my main goals.i also wana be remembered as a guy who never turned down fights and was constantly calling people out, many players avoiding.i have meet some great people on this game many people hated on me when i first joined but once they got to know me they knew i was a chill guy.hopfully this all gets sorted and im innocent if not i will make 1 last max kill pic topic and move on to servers that are active and with better combat system. also there evidence lmao servers legit corrupt as fuck
  9. nh tank

    so i get banned but..

    i haven't owned a divine for over 6 months, ill happily max nh you for any risk and u can teach me to pk?
  10. nh tank

    so i get banned but..

    unban plox
  11. nh tank

    so i get banned but..

    @Smackd in the pms u will see admin fatastic cx saying its not against the rules, and those who lured said player did not get banned even when he sent video proof, why am i getting banned if its not agaisnt the rules and other people arnt being punished. i just wana see some fairness
  12. nh tank

    so i get banned but..

    only 3 day ban anyway btw gzz on that hybrid torny win nvm...
  13. nh tank

    so i get banned but..

    so we get banned but others dont even get a warning and are told its fine,like idk make up your mind are u gona ban people for this and not others seems kinda unfair dont u think? read the pms in that screen shot. @Fantastic @JBLIND
  14. nh tank


    your English is worse now than ever before