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  1. all within 20min, vid soon
  2. jeez u fast crazy stacks that frost kill holy fuck no1 is tanking that
  3. donno how tesfxye has such a big ego kids dogshit
  4. tesfxye upvoting a comment referring to himself as a shitter
  5. uv died to me for max 4 times on roatpk and killed me 0 keep trying tho, gzz on the welfare nh kill on rw i guess? u got bullied in those fights aswell
  6. solid 30man fall in on l (jag e svenski ) (not cool bro) thought i seen u guys kill him at hobs for max a couple weeks ago, guess u killed him more than once lmao such a victim that kid is
  7. nice vid and ye its understandable why u have a lack of main clips
  8. kid talks mad shit but has died to me and my team so many times.like how tf u gona talk shit after dieing to things like this and losing mills in nh stakes. fuck i could make a sick max kill topic got like 50 new kps saved up just cbf going though 1000kps to find them.ayyy been along time since i made a topic shout outs to rat gang we have hella good times and shout out to my haters if they wana gl they know where im at yeh umad
  9. vid very good bro u best pker much love
  10. man... u d bow me on 40hp and now 57 ags off pry on robes....maybe thats a sign u aint ever gona kill me solid vid tho
  11. why 6am on a monday morning when i have work that day? just why
  12. no competition they can mass up all they want but quality over quantity we shall remain on top
  13. buddy that kill on the other server was spawn nh fight i was siting 40hp gzz u killed me for spawns? score still stands tho 3-0 for max sets u will never be as good as me
  14. i have 4 of ur max sets and little willis has died to me over 20x killed him the day after he killed me in hybrid
  15. that 30 man fall in on muy jeez...when keytracker made a vid saying whole server merge he wasnt wrong l0l
  16. beast fam #1 genx on the focus
  17. long time speak long time since fight when can we gl fam? ur team be dieing daily to us if anyone in ur team wana sesh me max nh im willing to fight untill some1 dies even if it takes a few hours send nudes
  18. nh tank chanced ! gmaul was on melee pry but was still a chance my mistake/fault/ping delay. drank a combat pot right before u speced pot blocking myself shit happens. tho glad u killed big bum bum for bank, kid killed me talked mad sht after but died for max/ 20k+ loot like 7x that same week. max kill topic soon just cba going through 1000 kps to find the max kills
  19. @JBLIND long time no speak #bro, yes like the deadman chest only 4min tb and some guys bringing 20 brews to tank unkillable
  20. dw fam gona lighten it up abit soon max kill topic next few days ft a couple spartan memebers and randoms
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