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  1. Max cape should act as as max cape should not 1k kills, but max
  2. So a Roat PKz Battle pass
  3. why is a 2 year old thread being bumped staking hits are meant to be random, but it's a pserver so never know
  4. something also needs done about pking at dzone, people just stand at cave exit and can click to leave instantly after specing. Need to move location players spawn when they enter like 1 space away
  5. Thank you for finally implementing the hide broadcast feature, will keep the client looking clean. Now please add a filter so Hide/Filter yell chat so there isn't smooth brain yell chat in the background of people recording clips @Gretar
  6. Was good video, but i muted the dubstep, didn't know that was still a thing
  7. 10/10 guide nice work mate
  8. My favorite pet is Qwertyuiop1
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