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  1. Dylalina

    Slapping mongolians all day long.... zzzzz

    LOLLLLL man posts funpk pictures thinking he's champion. Oh my good lord. Most cringeworthy topic of the day!
  2. Dylalina

    Rat gets humiliated

    Sit down.
  3. Dylalina

    duel penino dead

    Uh? I risk 65 dragon javelins bro. Bally prod all the way. Where are you getting these numbers from kiddo?
  4. Dylalina

    duel penino dead

    U cleaned m8? 2019 the year that Persona & Pyd the 2 biggest queers on Roat officially retire?
  5. Too long didn't read. Congrats on your thing that you did tho?
  6. Dylalina


    I'm sorry, you guys are cute and all.. But uh. One of those people are in Mongolians. The rest I'm not even sure.
  7. Dylalina

    Sound Effects!

    Ever since these have been added, I've lagged so badly. Oh and yes, my porn is finished downloading and speedtest has been checked numerous times. I'm still at 85mbps with no fluctuation.
  8. Dylalina

    ultimate expose

    Too much effort in a post like eleventeen people will see..
  9. Dylalina

    Staff Feedback - November 2018

    I'm apparently not allowed to have an opinion. Lmfao. Go away.
  10. I'm hands down the worst brid, nh, pker in general on the server. I k now this. But No Warning.. Talk more shit bud!
  11. Dylalina

    Staff Feedback - November 2018

    I think PM2getbodied would be a great Server Support. Always helping people and mellow. With1 slap being demoted, I think that should be your #1 candidate.
  12. Dylalina

    The end of NSNSNSNSNNSS

    You type as if you're the legendary Gym Life. Calm down little guy.
  13. Dylalina

    The end of NSNSNSNSNNSS

    You and I both know damn well it's not the end lol. Hit me up on discord buddy!
  14. Dylalina


    You're the most cringeworthy player to ever log on Roat. Go to bed little boy. Bipolar af.