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  1. This is geared towards helping clanning/deep wilderness pking... You're absolutely right, but a server like this SHOULD have more than 5% of players in a clan. It'd make things a lot more interesting.
  2. I'm sorry you think your self-entitled opinion reflects everybody else's. Have a nice day.
  3. Because I need one for my gaming channel, not rs-related...
  4. Your intro is absolutely gorgeous. Did you make it?
  5. Doing it on purpose is one thing, but it amazes me how soooooooooooooooooo many people have no idea what bridding or nhing is. It's like roatpkz is the first time they stepped foot into the wilderness above level 27 combat
  6. things edge pkers say (brids included): *smacks me in dh* "gl no fc" "off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "pray???????????????" "noob" "im sry" back 2 easts 4 me Edit: Oh, I almost forgot one. "safe??????????????????????????????"
  7. Yeah all I'm saying is getting scammed any which way is the player's own fault. I support action not being taken against scammers, but just take that part out of the rules section for the sake of future reports. I could easily quote rule #7 to completely counteract the outcome of this report here: Zoradz said it himself, it's not against the rules, so why is it in the rules? lmao ez tings Sorry for the thread jack, I'll shut up now @Yoobs
  8. I can understand that. I think you missed the point of my post though [#7 This includes things such as knowingly lying about an items' price or use through trading, staking, or risk fighting.] That's a very specific rule. So I could get punished for saying a minecart ticket is a Donator Ticket and selling it as one, but I couldn't get punished for telling someone to meet me at ::westernparty to sell me their bank, right? Rhetorical question, but I'm just trying to get my point across. This rule just isn't enforced Edit: Here's an example
  9. Refer to #7 ^ I was scrolling through and realized rule #7 includes "item scamming", which we all know not one staff member enforces. It should be removed from the rules list to avoid future confusion as we've been repeatedly told scamming isn't against the rules, as there is a 2nd trade and duel screen in place for a reason. Unless, of course, you guys recently started dealing with scammers that I don't know of. Just a suggestion
  10. Cheers. Working on building a roster, if I can't participate in time for this I'll schedule a run-in with you boys for this weekend when it's more active.
  11. Yeah that's probably much easier than coding an entirely new minigame tbh. Could just use that new tourny zone that Gretar is implementing for something like this.
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