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  1. Dab mi


    23000 kill on the forums. Gz
  2. Speak to melike that again i'll fry you into another dimension dyslexic sex offender
  3. I don't think i've ever seen something more funny than this
  4. You ever pm me on discord about this shit again i'll kill your fucking cat
  5. Why the fuck would someone need a guide to go and kill npcs @ level 51? Jesus the average iq of a roat player has to be fucking 15
  6. No. Just No. Not making 150 cape switches. just leave it as is. It's fine
  7. Why not gold for 75, Black for 150?. Dawntained added them and they were good.
  8. You mean the 120 ags gmaul flexes even after he combo eats?
  9. https://gyazo.com/b8ee327de0fdc514f55d92ccc20dfe8e Greatest moment in rs
  10. Not, just decided id be bored and smoke randoms on forums for fun.
  11. Gonna be fucking funny when server host changes and you dont have a 300 ping advantage. Literally will wipe the fucking floor with your curry snorting delusional nose.
  12. https://gyazo.com/09fb67d74e703d1f4fb6da0c751a3418 Jag just sent me this on discord with the caption: "LOOOL LOOK AT THIS CURRY SNORTING NIGGER" = o
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