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  1. Dab mi


    *sniffs* I smell a rwter
  2. Nice keep going and i'll drop your mothers maiden name and then we can have a real convo you stupid ginger fuck
  3. Can you just shut the fuck up lol. Smackd i agree, sadly this retard i have quoted is a fish with no iq oh nice yea ur mothers a whore too Can't forget pid, No angler above 121 in pvp (nh tank will quit cause he's a shit noob) 5 second spec tab timer. WAOWEOAWOEAOWEOAWOEOAWEOAWEOOAWEOAWEOAOWEO
  4. Oh shut up lmfao. I have 0 idea who you are and you're probably just a punching bag lmfao.
  5. Not defending him but are you that much of a clout chaser you used old photos of you two staking each other? Buddy it's roat pkz. take it down a notch
  6. Come on tommy lol. Why would you flame someone by saying 'stay inside' We are literally in one of the biggest virus pandemics in years. Best be staying inside
  7. Dab mi

    Flame war

    Yo Wow you think i'm angry over some dutch guy with an ego on a game that has dreamscapes combat system. yep lol nice. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest that you'd lie over the internet, seeing as you've denied and confirmed that the photo of you i posted was and wasn't your irl many times. You aren't learning anything besides how to be a weird internet gangster. I'm 20 in 3 weeks and can guarantee i accomplished more than you before i hit 16 than you have in your entire life. But that's irl and it doesn't matter considering we're on a game from 2001 (your birth year if im not wrong)
  8. Admin's aren't supposed to be saying "pm me for help" Lmfao. They do enough behind the scenes. as of gretar removing divines there's no fucking point making a update just to remove divines. He's probably shoving it in with the next big update. I don't think you can exactly prove how much they help. Because not every1 is a donator and can yell 'i need staff' Think of the pms they get. Think you need to stop crying over everything and just play the game. Staff can enjoy the game too, They aint your personal butler. more than 1 of them so pm someone else if they're busy
  9. Dab mi

    Flame war

    Don't try and use a inside joke, Noone likes you lol. It's the whole reason you've been stuck on this shit for the past 8 years. Genuinely reevaluate where you're going lmfao. You say you're studying engineering right? But You never log off roat. You never log off discord not to mention you're more concerned about a rsps team called 'rat gringo' than you are with your so called 'engineering' certificate. please don't ever assume you're on top, You're a braindead dutch moron that gets passed around more than your mother did in the 80's Your only flame is 'wheelies" (which is an inside joke, I'm clearly not in a wheelchair) or "Nice dad" and the problem with both of those things is you wouldn't say anything irl because you're literally 5'2 and look like harry potter. Know your place monkey
  10. Dab mi

    Flame war

    Funny how you talk about that but you spent 4 years nutriding a team just for them to dox you behind your back =P But the problem is i dont think anyone in mortem mentioned it? Most flames were usually about rsps. It's you and your backward ass dutch ego that takes it out of the game which is why on multiple occasions you've been told to shut up or you'll log off for a while. You're nothing but a spoilt brat. Even raja would kick your ass lmao.
  11. toggaf diputs ouy gnikp ta kcus yleniuneg uoY
  12. Dab mi

    Flame war

    lol You act like im taking anything you say to heart. You're some weird dutch guy who spent his entire preadolescence nutriding other weirdos over the internet to get into a team just to be treating like their punching bag
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