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  1. Mlk, tshtre jdk klb aer, mshrob w7esh tjmed akl @vzo
  2. like if u kill some1 u get a chance of a roll on the chest thing or what, not bad suggestion then +1
  3. - Most humorous - Goku ssj - Most Arab/foreign - i dont now - Shortest temper - adamzor - Most helpful - bank00 - Best YouTuber - not cool bro - Best Hybrid - not cool bro - Best Tribrid - not cool bro - Best Pure Nher - not cool bro - Best Dher - daul penino - Most Retarded - keytracker <3 - Fastest Switcher - jinkusu - Most underatted Pker - literally any bottomswitcher - Most Chilled player - genx86753o9 - Nicest player - daul penino - Biggest Duel Rat - bank00 - PVM'er - sly - Player who thinks he's good but is Dog Shit - tesfxye - Player who needs to learn to log off of Roat - gretar - LMS sweat - damagedaha - The person most likely to Backstab / BS you - daul penino - The player you would want to see in Max Risk at EdgePvP - bank00 - Biggest Whale - daul penino - Most unconfident Pker (Alt Pkz) - daul penino - Bank-stander/switcher - lambfish - Most Improved - jag e svensk - Nerd - smackd
  4. never heard of u random ill dog ur dead nan anytime of the week, TRAPSTARR JAG#2606 pm me when u want smok
  5. with those switches i doubt you bully anybody, even raja beat u 47-0 retard LMFAO!
  6. never heard of u in my entire life dogshit noob
  7. no support on this simply because i dont wanna have to deal with spec tabbers if someone is tanking a tb, if they wanna return they should have to go forgotten cemetrary and run east, or simply teleport to dareyaak using ancient magicks, ::gwd is too easy, although i can stand by the rock and wall agility shortcuts, but i feel like if thats gonna be implemented, i also feel like entering and exiting the gwd cave should have an animation, as now it just teleports u in/out of the cave. rest +1
  8. didnt see what u said cus of the huge fucking thumbnail video u posted you dumb whore, i closed whatever the fuck team u was in, lavish/renegades or whatever stupid whore havent heard of a ''blood hound'' ever in my god damn fucking life
  9. oh st nutrider lol didnt expect anything else human garbage
  10. weird way to say ''great video king jag e svnesk, i will never forgive u for closing my team tho!!!''
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