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  1. wow u posed 5 wins wtf!! ill post 25 wins + your irl rn you mentally derailed crosseyed orphan timmyboy
  2. like you avoid me? you dumb faggot shut the fuck up retard dont @ me you dumb pussy
  3. ok? was an edge/riskzone death, this is a clan topic buddy, not to mention he got dbowed 34 on 40 hp and went for a desperate spec cus hes bad
  4. +1, this would literally make the keys so better, and while ur at it, add 5k and 10k risk protection so u dont get ragged, niggas literally risk 1k in d javs nowadays so u just get ragged at keys anyways.. and if u dont get ragged the person holding key has 20 brews
  5. it was a BS spy hit you dumbass keep talking yada yada yada
  6. So today RatGang felt a bit confident And their actions made a fat statement, #RoatTripz pulled up with 7 savage soldiers... Obviously ''RatGang'' did the smart thing and dashed south But unfortunate for mr.f3 location he got frozen and scim tbed shortly after We managed to splash 8 times in a row and he made it to 24 wildy very quickly! But the mentally derailed faggot decided not to go to graves and book an early death south of graves This is what happens when you are RETARDED nigga #RoatTripz PM TO SPY ---------- NOT COOL BRO FUCKING THOT EDEN XO DISENTHRAL DAB MI FLXZ
  7. omg so old playrs!!!!!!!! fak grandpa
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