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  1. A team

    Well needed updates..

    i agree.
  2. A team

    Npcs in multi

    support, i Need 99 magic.
  3. A team

    Hybrid kills

    i supported this from the start. @Gretar
  4. A team

    Roat Pkz Video Competition Winners!

    ez money, grats to the winners.
  5. A team

    Staff Feedback - October 2018

    if you had proof of me threatening to ddos other players you would of already posted it. you already had a problem with me when i wasent even a server support. please provide any proof and ill resign. share kid
  6. A team

    Slayer Monster Locations!

    strong one bro.
  7. A team

    Roat Pkz Promotions (25/10/18)

    congrats to all.
  8. A team


    thanks brother, also fantastic got promoted to admin. Grats to all.
  9. A team


    i would love to see perm ban options in clan chats. also a different colour between yell/Clan chat. bring back vesta's spear and statius warhammer (put them on revs droptable).
  10. A team

    Revamping the Donator Store

    back to the cave @1 slap
  11. A team

    1 slap resign

    cave loc?