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    Hello, I have been getting alot of pm's about how to change the function of F keys(newer pc's/laptops) , here are the steps on how to change them. Step 1: Press power button to boot, then press F2 key enter BIOS setup. Step 2: Select sub menu to Configuration Step 3: Select to Hotkey Mode item and then press enter Step 4: Select Enabled then press enter Step 5: Press F10 save and exit, then select Yes then press enter. if you have any more questions feel free to pm me on discord/forums. Roat Pkz - #1 PvP RSPS (discord.com)
  2. Meh... could’ve check the floor? However I agree that keys from events such as shooting star & bloodlust Should go to the bank when won. however this would mean that if someone kept he’s invent full he is automatically safe from being pked for it wich take’s away some action there. This might be nice to poll @Gretar
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