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  1. WAHEY

    Mikki roatz brid vid 1

    no1 stays off roatpkz
  2. Wow u really didnt have to expose my spastic clicking like that gretar brother
  3. WAHEY


    In-game Name: waheyyyYoutube Channel (URL): https://www.youtube.com/user/HubbaTehBubbaWhy should we pick you ?: pls i want the icon in game
  4. WAHEY

    team nexus lol

    Doesnt count he was playing with his feet
  5. WAHEY

    for gretar's birthday

    blink 2x if he makes u say that
  6. for everyones fav Icelandic midget
  7. WAHEY

    ::Brid/Edgepvp Changes

    No gmaul = no content from me r u trying to kill me zekers
  8. Wild its 2019 and u dont know how you turn off left clicks lmao
  9. wow if only u replaced some of those brews with anglers bro
  10. WAHEY

    enzeim number one nher on runescoop

    4 killpics vs 44 nice bro u showed that rsps pker whos boss
  11. WAHEY

    Underrated rappers

  12. WAHEY

    nerf ags

    naw lmao some1 donate me claws tho plz
  13. WAHEY

    power hungry jblind

    Jblind is a big youtuber on Roat, he is always trying to gather clips for the greater good of Roat pkz. You're disturbing this and it's going to get you nowhere trying to kill him because you won't even be able to... see here from a few moments ago: