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  1. https://discord.gg/hTsQmR
  2. Boney lives in your head and theres NOTHING you can do about it LMFAO
  4. i literally cannot stop lagging
  5. been awhile m8 hope everythings good
  6. Ur gonna comment on this thread but not my clan topic ye ok
  7. Come join our public discord for all giveaways, updates, topics, and pictures Discord.gg/ratgang Another month, week, day in our Kingdom, and Rat Gang remains uncontested in literally beating the fuck out of the opposition. ("Any solo kills on Rat Gang members are due to DDOS and therefore do not count to any kind of score whatsoever" - Penino 13:1.) Tired of having to go on boxing/bolting trips 24/7 with your CC? Dm any Rat Gang member in our Public Discord and we can sort you out buddy :3. "Gang Shit" Kinda fitting that these guys named themselves shit lmfao, two weeks opening on RoatPkz and they've spent most of their time boxing each other and crying in our member's DMs 6angshit Mootje (we have atleast 3 more kill pics on this dude lol but cba finding them all) JBWKZ "Mongolians/Plank Gang" Mongolian's single unit had enough and decided to make their own private discord and alt accounts in order to try and fight us - which resulted in them pre-teleblocking themselves at Gorillas. Unluckily for them, someone in their team leaked their loc lmfao and we caught up with one. (dw, we know who you all are lmfao) Better luck on the next spam name change! xDave Lets Rock It Talkingmoney PM2GETBODIED Tpb sickness Jeroentje029 goat infernopker Wish we could say we were surprised at this, but the writings been on the wall for awhile. Thx for the loot mongolians, feel free to join another CC we can beat tf out of lmfao Randoms
  8. do it bro sounds sikk
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