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  1. Apology accepted Got bored of top switching and wanted a change ngl
  2. The only reason the noobs have any recognition is because I gave them some level of acceptance (I, of course, being the founding father of competitive hybridding). Retiring undefeated with an untarnished record with only footage available of private sparring showing selected biased highlight reels. Even Floyd Mayweather (TBE) lost rounds in boxing, however, he never lost a total fight). I rest my case.
  3. Finessin forever a victimized staker
  4. Ye good thing he wasn't in the finals then lmfao
  5. WAHEY


    Australia wins again...
  6. who said im neutral lol ur cringe
  7. nice kills! luke still trying to sell you btw
  8. weird flex good guide bro, u forgot the best money making method tho https://roatpkz.com/donate/
  9. god bless i was sparred from this topic u are truly gr8
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